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Boosie Shows How He ‘Played Dead’ While Swimming With A Dolphin So That He Can Be Pushed To Safety (Video)

There’s no doubt that Boosie is entertaining but his recent stunt could garner him a spot on Animal Planet. Boosie decided to impart some knowledge with his fans about the secrets he learned about the animal kingdom. He shared a photo of himself swimming with a dolphin, presumably as part of an excursion during a vacation in the Bahamas, and explained how he prepared for the experience.

In the picture, Boosie was shown floating in the water with an orange life vest on with a dolphin’s nose at his feet.

He said he watched the “animal channel” prior to his adventure and learned that if you played dead in the water, a dolphin will push you to safety.

“On this picture, I played dead and the dolphin pushed me to safety,” Boosie explained. 

Boosie claims the dolphin trainer was impressed by Boosie’s knowledge about the sea animal.

“I was the first one to ever do this! The man said I was the first one to ever do this but I watched the animal channel before I went over there and if you play dead, a dolphin will push you to safety!” Boosie exclaimed. “And look at this motherf***in shot!”

It seems Boosie has a new found love for dolphins.

“Bury me with the dolphins, b***h. I said bury me with the dolphins b***h yeah. You see he pushed me to safety, he thought I was dead.”

You can watch the hilarious video of Boosie’s dolphin encounter below:

Boosie referred to himself as a “Bahamas legend” for the whole ordeal. I can’t lie, Boosie would be fun to watch interacting with animals. Would you be down to see Boosie getting his Joe Exotic on? Let us know!

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