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Lady GaGa’s Father Speaks Out On Shooting & Dognapping: ‘We’re Just Sick Over It’

It’s been a shocking 24 hours for Lady GaGa following a violent dognapping Wednesday night that resulted in two stolen dogs and the hospitalization of her loyal dog walker Ryan Fischer. Now, the singer’s father, Joe Germanotta, is addressing the matter publicly on behalf of the family, even urging fans to help resolve this devastating crime.

Speaking to The New York Post on Thursday, the restaurant owner shared:

“We’re just sick over it, it’s really horrible. It’s like someone took one of your kids.”

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Seeing how GaGa absolutely adored her dogs, we can certainly understand this sentiment. The 63-year-old confirmed he spoke with his daughter (currently filming a Ridley Scott movie in Rome) “several times,” encouraging her to “just try to be strong and remember that they’re together.” He added of the missing French Bulldogs Koji and Gustavo:

“They’re comforting each other.”

Ugh, that just pulls at the heart strings, doesn’t it?? Similarly on Thursday, the entrepreneur appeared on Fox News with a very direct plea for listeners:

“Our whole family is upset and praying Koji and Gustavo are not harmed. Help us catch these creeps.”

Los Angeles Police Captain Jonathan Tippet told People that there are currently two suspects at large, both believed to be Black and around 20-25 years old. The Captain shared with the outlet that due to the fact that none of the dog walker’s possessions were stolen (such as his wallet), the police believe the suspects “intended to rob the individual of the dogs.” Such seems evident as well in new footage recorded and obtained by TMZ.

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In the graphic clip (HERE), Ryan is seen through a surveillance camera walking along the sidewalk when a white car pulls up and two men ambush him. One suspect can be heard saying “give it up.” Quickly, a struggle begins before Ryan falls to the ground and gunshots sound. The assailants leave the scene with two dogs while the victim calls for help. The third dog, Miss Asia (who was returned safely to GaGa’s bodyguard) can be seen escaping the suspects as well. It is a truly, truly horrifying moment and absolutely should never have happened, as Joe remarked to Fox News:

“Shooting someone in order to steal dogs is wrong.”

Ryan, an artist and family “friend” according to Germanotta, is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. He even texted with his former client, Dr. Fred Pescatore, to confirm he is “breathing on his own now,” Pescatore shared with People. SUCH a relief to hear that! Describing the dedicated animal lover, his friend noted:

“He’s just amazing with them. He cares. They’re like his children. He’s very in tune with the dogs’ needs. He would do anything for them, anything.”

Referring to the TMZ video, Pescatore added:

“He would protect these dogs with his life. And he almost has. And let’s hope he has not.”

Dr. Fred also shared an important message worth remembering:

“I just want the world to know the man behind Lady Gaga’s dogs, and other people’s dogs. And this man deserves recognition. He was the one that was shot. He was the one protecting her dogs. And not enough people are focusing on that.”

What Ryan scarified to protect all three French Bulldogs to the best of his ability is truly heroic. We sincerely hope things continue to look up for Fischer as he heals, both physically and mentally, from this traumatizing incident.

While the case has been transferred to LAPD’s robbery/homicide devision, GaGa’s $500,000 reward still remains for anyone who can return the dogs safely, “no questions asked.” Information can be sent to: [email protected]

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/Instar/WENN & Lady GaGa/Instagram]

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Feb 26, 2021 09:02am PDT

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