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Pulmonary Expert Confirms That George Floyd “Died From A Low Level Of Oxygen Causing Damage To His Brain”—Supporting Previous Testimony That Floyd Died From Asphyxiation

#Roommates, day nine of Derek Chauvin’s murder trial began this morning with crucial testimony from a renowned pulmonary expert regarding his findings as it relates to how George Floyd died. Pulmonologist Dr. Martin Tobin, confirmed while on the witness stand that George Floyd did indeed die from a low level of oxygen, which in turn caused brain damage—once again supporting previous testimony that the cause of death was asphyxiation and not a drug overdose.

@WCCO reports, Dr. Martin Tobin was the first witness to testify in the ninth day of the Derek Chauvin murder trial. Dr. Tobin, a physician in pulmonary critical care and an expert in respiratory physiology, was asked by prosecutor Jerry Blackwell to state his opinion on the matter in which George Floyd died. He responded, confirming that Floyd “died from a low level of oxygen” that caused severe damage to his brain and arrhythmia that caused his heart to stop. Dr. Tobin continued, adding that the main issues contributing to Floyd’s death were lying prone on the ground, being handcuffed, having a knee on his neck and having a knee on his back and side.

Dr. Tobin also explained that George Floyd was noticeably pushing on the ground and the police car with his hands in an attempt to lift his chest so he could breathe. “To most people, this doesn’t look terribly significant, but to a physiologist, this is extraordinarily significant. Because this tells you he has used up his resources and he is now literally trying to breathe with his fingers and knuckles,” he said.

While on the witness stand, Dr. Tobin was shown a computer rendering of Floyd’s arrest—and he further elaborated on his difficulty breathing. He stated that the handcuffs, combined with Floyd’s placement on the ground, created a sort of a vice on Floyd’s left side, making it practically impossible for him to get the air he needed into the left side of his chest.

The Derek Chauvin murder trial continues tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.

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