Well friend, if gold Grillz were on your mind for a long time, and you want to know about them: When I say this page is gonna cover it all, it is going to do so!

In the early ages of Egyptian and Chinese history, gold was extensively used for making false teeth, the reason being: it was so malleable and a noble metal. A noble metal is a metal that usually does not react to external changes. Temperature, pressure, or even chemicals do not affect it a lot. Researchers have found skulls, as old as 5000 years, with gold teeth in their mouths. 

Starting from 10k to 24k, gold teeth can be manufactured in all the karats of gold.

But first, let us educate you more on different karats of gold. 

14k gold grillz Vs. 18 gold grillz Vs. 24 gold grillz

If you are tight on your budget and you still demand value for money, I would at least suggest you go with 14k gold Grillz. 

But, if you’re actually hunting for quality, then you must stick to the 18k Gold Grillz. 

And if, by any chance, you eyed a 24k gold Grillz, then let me warn you: Yes, no doubt this is the purest form of gold, it’s the brightest, but that also means that it is moldable. A 24-carat gold Grillz will bend easily, and get out of shape if not handled with caution. 

As you know 24-carat gold is 100% pure gold, 18-carat gold is 75% pure gold. However, it does not mean that gold with lower carrots has got less quality, never! In fact, incorporating other metals in pure gold enhances its durability, because otherwise gold gets easily molded and deformed. 24k gold is more prone to dents and scratches because it is softer than the other karats.

In that case, is 14k gold even more durable than 18k? Yes, the answer is yes. But then, why choose 18k gold?

Why 18k Gold Grillz?

The amount of pure gold might not be good for the durability of the jewelry, but it’s hard to match the luster and blinding shine that it can offer. 

While 24k gold is the shiniest, and 14k gold is an extremely durable choice, 18k is the best choice if you wish to strike a balance between luster and durability. 

Plus, less incorporation of alloys also means that you are put under negligible risk of irritation or allergies when you use the Grillz.

What colors are available in the 18k gold Grillz?

You get to choose from yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold colors when picking an 18k gold grillz

While we recently saw the Rose gold color creating altogether different rage in the market, the yellow gold has finally made a comeback. It’s the raw color of gold and hence the purest.

Talking about the white gold, it’s definitely elegant to look at! 

Should I smoke with my Grillz on?

Smoking is highly discouraged if you are using an 18k gold Grillz. Because lower gold karats also mean that the metal will tarnish easily. 

By the way, Have You tarnished your Gold Grillz already? Then maybe, you need these cleaning and maintenance tips:

How do I clean and maintain my gold Grillz?

Cleaning and maintenance of gold Grillz is a daily duty, which you have to swear by.

If you want to keep away from regular polishing, then daily cleaning with a non-abrasive cleaner is always a must. 

Don’t forget to use warm water for the rinse – that takes out every dirt that was clinging to your O’ so precious gold Grillz. 

Pat dry with a soft cloth, you can gently, I REPEAT: Very Gently, rub the cloth to dry the gold Grillz, and at the same time give it a mild polish. 

Don’t forget to get it polished by a professional, periodically.

Never use glues or adhesives to stick your Grillz. Because it is neither good for your teeth nor for your Grillz. 

Take good care of your natural dental health, brush your teeth twice a day, drink ample, but filtered water. That’s it, my friend, your gold Grillz are gonna shine for a lifetime!

For how long does a gold Grillz stay on the teeth?

If you have never worn a Grillz, this curiosity is very obvious. 

Basically, a temporary Grillz requires to be manufactured by an experienced manufacturer. The maker should take a perfect mold of your teeth to work on the Grillz. The Grillz tops the surface of your teeth and fits directly onto it. It snugs and stays there with the help of the support that it gets on each side of your teeth. 

The permanent Grillz are least suggested because then your teeth will have to go through a lot of filing and shaping by a reputed dentist. After this, the Grillz is going to be glued to the surface of your teeth. You lose the freedom to brush and clean the entire surface of your natural teeth, and as a result, there are major chances of tooth infection.

Does wearing gold Grillz hurt?

Well, you do get a snuggie and clingy feeling for a couple of days, which might not be very comfortable for everybody. It takes time to get accustomed to the jewel. 

But properly fitting Grillz doesn’t give you any sort of pain. The only possibility that it’s hurting you arises when the manufacturer could not design a perfectly fitting Grillz. It could be too tight. In that case, yes there are chances you will have pain, discomfort, and even migraines. So make sure you get a proper fit done. I REPEAT: Go, Get the perfectly fitting Grillz only!

Can you get a grill if you have a gap in your teeth?

Yes, you can. The manufacturer is supposed to take care of all these factors while molding your Grillz. 

Can you get a grill if you have crooked teeth?

Your Grillz are manufactured based on the impression of your teeth. So no worries. When your manufacturer is taking the impression, he is going to take note of all these issues. The answer is: Yes, you can get a grillz done, even if you have crooked teeth.

Can you get a grill with missing teeth?

If the teeth on either side of the gap have the strength to support the grillz, then why not! Yes, you can get a gold Grillz. All you need is to ensure that the teeth on either side of the gap are strong and healthy to support the grill.

Should I shower with my grillz on?

Since gold is almost an unreactive metal or a noble metal, it’s very stable in comparison to other metals. It does not react to temperature or pressure easily. For that matter, even if you are taking a shower with your Grillz on, it’s not going to corrode the top layer of your Grillz. 

But it also depends on the Karatz of your Gold. If it is 14k gold, then yes regular showering with the 14k gold Grillz on will affect the shine of the grillz a bit. But if it is an 18k gold Grillz, then dude, don’t worry you are safe!

Should I eat food with my grillz on?

This is the best advantage that removable Grillz gives you to make sure that you remove your grils before having your meals. If you are having your lunch with your Grillz on the let me tell you you are inviting to the infections which are the food particle cling to the insides of your Grillz and the process is very e microscopic for you to see with your naked eyes the collected food particles rot and give rise to bacterial infections.

Should I sleep with my grillz on?

Honestly speaking, NO you should not. Who knows if there are some nasty particles trapped into the grillz, and it can backfire into infection any moment! 

Having said all that, adaptations take time. Getting used to a new piece of jewelry which you have to wear most of the time, will take time and adjustment. But when you know it’s worth it, it’s worth it!

That was it, buddy! Hope the article cleared most of your queries about 18k gold Grillz. Told you! It covers all… 


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