More than half of the Fortune 100 uses Apple’s Vision Pro headset

Apple’s Vision Pro headset, a mixed-reality spatial computing device, has been adopted by a majority of Fortune 100 companies with more than half purchasing at least one. 

Company CEO Tim Cook relayed the information during Apple’s first quarter 2024 earnings call, citing Vision Pro adoption as a sign of increased enthusiasm for the company’s products:

“For example, more than half of the Fortune 100 companies have already bought Apple Vision Pro units and are exploring innovative ways to use it to do things that weren’t possible before.”

The Vision Pro launched in early February of 2024 with a price tag of $3,499 in the United States. In the time since, it doesn’t appear to have made much of a dent in the consumer market where much lower priced options such as Meta’s Quest line of VR headsets.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, however, the Vision Pro headset and Apple’s lead in the spatial computing arena have it poised to bring the metaverse mainstream and become the default choice for enterprise adoption.

Where the most popular headsets tend to offer virtual reality experiences featuring total immersion in a digital space, the Vision Pro is designed for mixed and augmented reality experiences combining the real world and digital imagery.

Apple refers to this as spatial computing.

Instead of featuring the device as a gaming and social product, the companies adopting the Vision Pro appear to be using it for metaverse-related enterprise functions. One such example involves using the headset to help train doctors to perform surgeries when cadavers aren’t readily available.

Cook also teased an upcoming update during the earnings call, stating that the Fortune 100 adoption is “just the beginning.” He then added that “Looking ahead, we’re getting ready for an exciting product announcement next week that we think our customers will love.”

It’s unclear if this will be related to Vision Pro — rumors have the Vision Pro 2 launching in 2026 with a less expensive model arriving in the interim. If true, the timing of Apple’s next event, dubbed “Let Loose,” on May 7, could be perfect for the company to announce a cheaper Vision Pro for 2025.

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