Someone ‘shit in the jacuzzi’ — Bitcoiners furious after testnet griefing

Several Bitcoin developers are furious at a fellow Bitcoiner who admitted to “griefing” one of Bitcoin’s testnets by generating three years worth of blocks in a single week — forcing some developers to halt the applications they were testing.

“Whoever has been fucking with testnest is a douchebag looser,” said Francis Pouliot, a founder at noncustodial Bitcoin exchange and payments firm Bull Bitcoin. “Cool bro you’re able to attack a network with no economic incentives and literally the only damage done is fucking with the tests of open-source Bitcoin application builders and wasting their time.”

Pouliot didn’t realize until later that it was Jameson Lopp, a cypherpunk and a founder at digital asset self-custody solution Casa, who had identified himself as the culprit the day before in an April 28 post on decentralized social media platform Nostr.

Lopp said his griefing attack resulted in over 165,000 blocks (three years worth) generated on Bitcoin’s testnet in a single week, and only cost about $1 worth of electricity.

However, Lopp argued the “trivial exploit” — which required just 20 lines of code — actually highlights a weakness of the testnet he has raised before. 

“I’m championing a cause, and sometimes you have to do more than send an email to get people’s attention.”

Source: Nostr / Jameson Lopp

Hash rate and difficulty data on the Bitcoin network testnet showed hashrate spiking to 2,315 TH/s on April 19, before returning to 86 TH/s on April 30, according to

However, Pouliot and a few others see Lopp’s actions differently, arguing its akin to someone “taking a shit” in a jacuzzi just to get people to “move to another spa” — likely referring to testnet4. 

Source: Francis Pouliot

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The griefing attack interrupted node syncing on the Bitcoin testnet, explained Leo Weese, technical content lead at the Lightning Labs — the company behind the Bitcoin layer 2 Lightning Network.

“We may have to permanently say goodbye to permission-less testing networks,” Weese said.

A member in the Bitcoin Talk Thread said Lopp’s actions have ignited a “testnet war,” arguing that people like Lopp should be excluded from Bitcoin’s testnet and even went as saying Lopp is a “general security risk for Bitcoin as a whole.”


Lopp said he wants to see Bitcoin’s testnet reset to fix the testnet “timewarp” weakness and to restore mining rewards earned from the testnet, which he noted is practically zero now.

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