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Can you buy a gift? The famous rainbow kitten is auctioned for more than half a million dollars

Nyan Cat creator Christopher Torres wants this to inspire other artists.

February 23, 2021 2 min read

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Last week, a new version of the animated image of Nyan Cat , a cat that flies in space and leaves a rainbow trail, was auctioned for more than half a million dollars.

The famous image was created in 2011 by Christopher Torres, who decided for the tenth anniversary of the gift, to make a new version, which was auctioned.

The artist shared a tweet where he humbly explains that he has just opened the doors to the future with the meme economy in the Crypto universe, “it’s not a big deal,” he added.

The message is also addressed to those who make a living from art. “I hope this inspires future artists to enter the #NFT universe so they can get recognized for their work!”

Christopher’s work received a single offer through the ‘blockchain’ , that is, for 300 ethers, a digital currency, therefore that amount would be equivalent to 591,351 dollars, more than half a million.

So far it is not known who the buyer was.

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