Eve Alda

Alan and Arlene became the proud parents of their first child, daughter Eve, on December 18, 1958. Out of his three daughters, Alan’s eldest decided to stay out of the spotlight. Unlike her younger sisters who pursued careers like their dad, Eve opted for a more traditional lifestyle.

According to her Facebook page, Eve studied psychology at Connecticut College and currently lives in Winchester, Massachusetts. Her profile also indicates that she studied at the Simmons School of Social Work in Boston as well.

Although Eve didn’t find herself flocking towards the Hollywood spotlight, she certainly keeps up with her dad and little sisters. She once took to her personal Facebook account to open up about her father’s choice to reveal he has Parkinson’s disease.

“Glad my Dad decided to go public with Parkinson’s diagnosis, this morning,” she gushed on social media. “In his interview on CBS this morning, he was very upbeat (which is truly his approach), and mentioned he’s continued to work and has ‘had a full life’ since his diagnosis. He kinda didn’t mention that ‘full life’ is putting it mildly … I think he’s working more and harder now than he ever has!”

Eve’s son Jake Alda Coffey is pursuing a career as a screenwriter and filmmaker, drawing inspiration from his famous family. In May 2020, Jake posted a TikTok video about what it was like to grow up with a famous grandfather.

“Growing up, he was always a family man,” Jake shared. “In the summertime as a kid, we could go to his summer home in the Hamptons and film movies for fun … All these people I looked up to as a kid told me they looked up to my grandpa.”

Alan had the sweetest reason when he revealed to Closer Weekly at the New York City premiere of Marriage Story which film he had the “most fun” making throughout the years. That honor, it turned out, went to the 1981 movie The Four Seasons “because I wrote it and directed it, two of my daughters were in it [and] my wife photographed it.” Talk about a family affair!

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