Who is Kiki Passo?

American social media star and model Kiki Passo was born in Brazil, under the zodiac sign Taurus on 19 May 1997. She’s perhaps known best for her presence on the internet, including her Instagram account which is today followed by over 1.6 million people, while she’s uploaded nearly 350 pictures and videos onto the network. Most of Kiki’s Instagram content has her large breasts in focus, while others feature her spending time with her boyfriend, attending various events, and working out at the gym.

She’s also known for being a former girlfriend of famous American professional tennis player Tommy Paul, whose best ranking was World No. 12 on 2 October 2023.

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Education and early life

Kiki and her family moved to Miami, Florida USA, not long after she was born, thus her American nationality; she was raised by her mother Carlota Almeida who’s a homemaker, and father whose name remains undisclosed, but who’s believed to be a businessman. Although Kiki rarely speaks about her family on the internet, we know that she has a sister Victoria Passo who’s an entrepreneur and social media personality.

Kiki was into various activities while attending a local high school as she took dance lessons, appeared in a couple of school plays, and also enjoyed playing volleyball and running track; it’s widely believed that she was a cheerleader too, but this hasn’t been addressed by Kiki. She was still mostly focused on her studies, and upon matriculating in 2015 enrolled at the University of Miami, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2019; Kiki continued being physically active during her time at college, as she ran track and was on the university’s volleyball team.

Most viewed YouTube videos

Kiki doesn’t have her own YouTube channel but has still managed to become popular on the video sharing service thanks to numerous videos which have been uploaded by other users, and most of which are compilations of pictures which have Kiki’s large breasts in focus. We’ll be writing about the three most popular amongst these as they’ve helped Kiki expand her internet fanbase.

The #1 video “Kiki Passo – Bikini Model: Lifestyle, Age, Wiki, Bio” was posted by Bio Beauty Mix on 2 July 2023 and has since been watched nearly 1.2 million times; it features pictures of Kiki’s attractive body, while it also provides details about her life.

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Kiki’s second most popular video “Kiki Passo – Brazilian Instagram Influencer & Model: Info & Bio” was posted by Modeling Plus on 13 July 2023 and has since been watched over 630,000 times; it’s a compilation of pictures and videos featuring Kiki showing off her hot body.

Her #3 most viewed video “Kiki Passo: Instagram Star & Fashion Model: Height, Age, Wiki Biography & More” was uploaded by Abc Indiscreto on 27 February 2023, and has since been watched over 350,000 times; the video’s in Spanish and aims to provide details of Kiki’s early life and success as a model and social media star.

Presence on social media networks

Kiki’s active on various social media networks but seems to be spending most of her time maintaining her Instagram account; she tends to update it at least once every week and has thus revealed many details about herself on the network, including that she’s interested in fashion, is a shopaholic and loves summer the most as she gets to go yachting, relax at the beach and play beach sports.

Kiki’s tweeted nearly 700 times since the launch of her Twitter account in August 2018, and nearly 20,000 people are following her on this network, which she mostly uses to share her thoughts on various matters. Her most recent update was on 1 November 2023, when she revealed that all she wants for Christmas is ‘pure love and affection’.

Kiki’s recently become active on TikTok and has already attracted over 80,000 followers, while all her videos combined number more than 270,000 likes; most feature her showing off her clothes, large breasts and night outs.

Kiki’s also popular on Facebook as she’s followed by more than 18,000 people on this network, while she tends to update it at least once in every a couple of months; her most recent picture was uploaded on 24 October 2023 and features her wearing a bikini.

Love life and relationships

Kiki doesn’t shy away from talking about her love life on the internet, and we know that she was once in a relationship with Tommy Paul; he’s only two days older than Kiki as he was born on 17 May 1997. Tommy won his first ATP title at the 2021 Stockholm Open, and just recently reached a major semi-final at the 2023 Australian Open.

It’s recently been revealed that Kiki has been married; her husband was known on Instagram as Iadroncito, but it remains unknown how they met, when they married and why and when they divorced.

Kiki’s today in a relationship with American former professional Football Player Tate Martell; some sources claim that the two have recently broken up, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Kiki.

There are no other men whom Kiki’s perhaps been with, that we know about; she’s in a relationship with Tate Martell as of December 2023, was once married to Iandroncito and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Kiki takes great care of her physique as it’s important for her career to maintain her slim figure and not gain weight; she works out at the gym nearly every day, often does yoga and goes running.

Most of Kiki’s fans believe that she’s undergone plastic breast surgery, but this is yet to be confirmed by her.

She enjoys leading a lavish lifestyle and can only be seen eating at expensive restaurants, staying at luxurious hotels and buying designer clothes.

Her favorite drink is white wine.

Kiki likes to see tattoos on other people, but doesn’t want any herself.

Blake Lively’s one of her favorite actresses, and some of her favorite movies and TV series are “Gossip Girl”, “The Age of Adaline” and “The Shallows”.

Age, height and net worth

Kiki’s age is 26. She’s 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, weighs around 125lbs (57kgs), and has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Kiki’s net worth’s been estimated at over $500,000, as of December 2023.

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