The View’s Sara Haines’ Son Alec Hit in the Face With a Baseball

The View’s Sara Haines recalled the scary moment her eldest son, Alec, was hit in the face with a baseball at a game recently.

During an episode of The View’s “Behind the Table” podcast on Monday, April 29, Sara, 46, revealed that Alec got a “shiner” while he was playing third base at his baseball game. Her husband, Max Shifrin, is one of the assistant coaches for the team. Sara attended the game with her two youngest kids, Caleb and Sandra.

“I’m in the chair, and I’m sitting there while trying to watch the game while also keeping an eye on the two younger ones who are at the playground and just kind of going back and forth,” she explained. “I had just walked to make sure Sandra and Caleb had not separated, and I see a player down. I hear someone go ‘Oh, what happened, who was hit? and then I see his number, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’”

Alec, 8, walked away with a black eye. “It was a common thing; the ball had come and it bounced funny and came right up and hit him in the eye,” Sara continued. “But it got pretty swollen and black and blue.”

The journalist said that Alec was “so upset” when the swelling didn’t go down after a day.

“Max said, ‘The ladies will love it,’” Sara added. “Alec got so mad,” saying, “‘Papa, why would the ladies love it?’”

Sara Haines son Alec baseball
Courtesy of Sara Haines/Instagram

Later on during the podcast episode, Sara discussed navigating her life as a mom of three.

“I always wanted four because I’m one of four, so I came in with ideas, privileged thoughts before you’re on the ground doing the work,” the TV host confessed. “And I think after two, I don’t know if we would have chosen to have three if Caleb wasn’t a bit of a surprise.”

Sara admitted that she doesn’t like overpacking the kids’ schedules too much.

“Even young now, we are not overscheduling parents because I feel like a 90-year-old man from the 80s in Iowa, like I’m constantly, like we will not sign up for everything just because everyone else is,” she said. “I try even with basic things to navigate getting them to different places, and they’re not quite ages where you can always drop off and not be there with them. It’s almost impossible.”

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