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Conspiracy Theorists Think Bill Gates Sent Them Fake Snow & Are Performing Dangerous Experiments To Prove It

And now, our PSA-we-never-thought-we-had-to-say of the week: snow is REAL, y’all!

As Texas tries to recover from the deadly winter storm, some residents are taking to social media to express frustration about what they believe to be the cause of the devastation. No, not climate change: Bill Gates and the US government!

A number of critics on TikTok are accusing the Microsoft co-founder of assaulting the Lone Star State with tons and tons of fake “metal” snow, and have even posted “proof” of the fraudulent weather based on experiments that other users have blasted as not only scientifically laughable, but genuinely dangerous.

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One woman attempted to spread #fakesnow awareness by putting a cigarette lighter up to a supposed snowball. She declared:

“This goes out to our government and Bill Gates. Thank you Bill Gates for trying to f**king trick us that this is real snow.”

As the amateur scientist held the flame to the alleged snowball, she cried:

“You’ll see it’s not melting and it’s going to burn. Snow don’t burn. Snow f**king melts. No water, no dripping, no nothing… If I put this s**t in the microwave, it’s going to start sparking because there’s metal mixed in it.”

However, she was proven wrong during her next experiment, when the woman actually microwaved the mystery substance that fell from the sky: the microwave doesn’t explode, and the substance claiming to be snow indeed started to melt.

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Sadly, many more conspiracy theory peddlers are making the rounds on social media with similar experiments. Another Texas woman documented her method of holding a ball of ice above a tea light for a few seconds and expressing dismay when it didn’t immediately melt into a puddle of water. She noted:

“Not melting… and turning black.”

This sleuth went on to perform a very dangerous followup experiment: plugging in a hairdryer and holding a chunk of ice above it (!!!). Naturally, sensible minded users found this particularly alarming, as one Twitic observed:

“Holding a piece of ice over an electrical device may be just slightly dumber than voting for Ted Cruz. Slightly.”

As for the results of the experiments, others pointed out that snowballs won’t immediately start dripping because the water is absorbed by the rest of the snow. And the black substance that has conspiracy theorists aghast is soot, which is caused by the butane from the lighter.

Even local news stations have made efforts to set the record straight. See (below):

[embedded content]

But sadly, some are too far down the rabbit hole to respond to reason and fact. In addition to possibly being a government or Bill Gates conspiracy, others have suggested that the snow is due to a simulated reality, or even alien technology.

Per USA Today, these conspiracy theories aren’t new, but they’ve picked up steam amid the intense weather in Texas. Let’s hope this madness melts along with the white substance that is, in fact, snow.

[Image via Rocky/WENN/CBS 6]

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Feb 23, 2021 12:59pm PDT

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