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John Gerrish and Ellen Chung, their 1-year-old daughter, and dog, were reported missing over the weekend.  A family of three who had been reported missing was found dead, along with their dog, in the Sierra National Forest. As KSEE and CBS News report, a friend filed a missing person report on Monday for John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, their 1-year-old daughter, Muji. The circumstance of his disappearance remains unclear. It is not known how long they were away and police have not yet confirmed that the family was planning a hike or camping trip.

As I searched for the family who was traveling with his dog, police first discovered his vehicle near an entrance to the Sierra National Forest, KTLA reports. The researchers then found the bodies of the three family members and their at ​​Devil’s Gulch are near the Merced River. According to multiple local reports, there were no visible signs of trauma and investigating agencies, including the California Department of Justice, are treating the area as a hazmat scene.

John Gerrish and Ellen Chung Age

John Gerrish and Ellen Chung‘s age is unknown.

John Gerrish and Ellen Chung Found Dead

According to the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office, John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, their 1-year-old daughter, Miju, and the family dog ​​were found dead in a remote area of ​​the Sierra National Forest on Tuesday. Authorities began searching for the family after they were reported missing Monday night.

“This is never the outcome we want or the news we want to deliver, my heart breaks for his family. Our sheriff’s chaplains and staff are working with his family and will continue to support them during this heartbreaking time,” said Sheriff Jeremy Briese. in a statement following the heartbreaking discovery.

The sheriff’s office said the scene “did not indicate a clear picture of what occurred” and that the situation “is currently handled as a forensic and hazmat investigation.” They are working with the help of the California Department of Justice.

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A spokesman for the sheriff’s office told the Associated Press that they are investigating carbon monoxide as a possible cause of death. Carbon monoxide killed two Colorado miners in 2013, NPR reported, and Representative Kristie Mitchell told the Fresno Bee there are mines in the area where the family was discovered.

“Finding a scene where everyone involved, including the family dog ​​that passed away, is not something typical that we have seen or that other agencies have seen,” Mitchell told the outlet. “That is why we are treating it as a hazardous materials situation. We just don’t know.” Mitchell also said the family was located in such a remote area that sheriff’s units had to walk to get satellite phone service.

A family friend said Gerrish was originally from England and worked in Silicon Valley, while Chung worked as a yoga instructor before becoming pregnant with her daughter, Merced Sun-Star reported. It could be a carbon monoxide situation,” Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kristie Mitchell told CBS News.


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