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Dual Detector Enables Sensitive Determination of Molecular Weight Distribution

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K reports on the development and OEM supply of a novel combination refractive index/viscometry detector for Brookhaven Instruments Corporation (Holtsville, NY, USA).

Polymer and plastics manufacturers offer very many different grades of commodity polymers such as poly(vinyl chloride), polyethylenes, and polystyrenes. The Molecular Weight Distribution (MWD) of such polymers is a key item of information in tailoring their implementation for different end uses.

The Brookhaven Instruments BI-RIVS is a combination RI and Viscometry detector used in SEC/GPC determination of polymer MWD using universal calibration. The BI-RIVS is a true dual-detector, refractometer, and viscometer, the only one of its kind available. The refractometer is an integral component of the viscometer bridge, measurement of concentration and viscosity take place on the exact same sample segment, at the very same time. Compared to the more common “external” connection of the two detectors, the BI-RIVS Dual-Detector provides a factor of 2 to 5 higher sensitivity, near-zero delay volume, and unsurpassed overall performance.

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Carlo Dessy, Managing Director of Testa Analytical said, “Brookhaven Instruments is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art scientific instruments for solving challenging macromolecular characterization problems.  Brookhaven Instruments selected us to
to develop this combination detector due to our decades of experience with GPC/SEC technology and applications“.

“TESTA Analytical is a highly respected manufacturer of specialist chromatography detectors with an impressive record of designing innovative solutions to target challenging and niche applications. They have proven themselves to be a reliable OEM partner who is capable of understanding the specific chromatographic needs of our target application and transforming these needs into a high-quality tailored solution“ Brookhaven Instruments reports. For further information on the BI-RIVS, please visit

Backed by decades of experience, Testa Analytical has created a range of high-performance GPC/SEC detectors, GPC/SEC Pumps, accessories and software products customizable to meet your exact needs. Our team of knowledgeable technical and engineering staff are available to discuss your OEM needs and to provide seamless integration of our technology into your existing or new product. For further information please contact Testa Analytical Solutions on +49-30-864-24076 or [email protected].

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