The last year and a half has been somewhat difficult for reality TV personality and stunt performer Bam Margera. Throughout 2021, the actor was in a legal battle with his former Jackass co-stars due his firing from the fourth installment in the film franchise. And for the past year, the star has been in and out of rehab, having fled from facilities multiple times. Things seem to be looking up for Margera now, though, as a new report suggests that the 42-year-old entertainer is looking to make some major changes in order to get help. 

Bam Margera officially returned to his court-ordered rehab program this past week, according to TMZ. Those who’ve been following Margera’s journey no doubt know that he’s returned to his designated facilities before, ahead of escaping them yet again. So the question is how exactly will things be different this time around? Well, per the news site’s sources, from this point forward, Margera will not stay at an in-patient rehab facility. This move is reportedly the result of some reevaluation from a judge. 

Despite the fact that the Jackass alum will now be an outpatient, a number of the conditions he’s been subjected to will still be in effect. TMZ reports that he must continue to participate in sessions with a psychiatrist, go to assigned classes and maintain his sobriety. So all in all, it would seem that the goal is to still provide the 42-year-old entertainer with a significant amount of structure as he makes this transition. 

Bam Margera was initially taken to a rehab facility in Florida after being picked up by police during a hotel stay in September 2021. Shortly after, Margera theorized that the situation happened because of a mix-up involving one of his loved ones and someone who was present at the nearby casino he was visiting at the time.

For a while, he seemed to be making progress, with his family even saying that he was on “the road to recovery” back in April. In June, however, Bam Margera was reported missing after leaving rehab. He was found at a nearby hotel shortly after and returned to his treatment. But Margera went missing again less than two weeks later and, after he returned, it was said that he was partying on the day he escaped. Earlier month, he exited rehab a third time and, in that instance, Margera was spotted at a bar

Considering all of that, one can see why the judge, and the star’s loved ones, would want to change things up with his rehab stint moving forward. It’s said that this change also comes at a crucial time, as TMZ’s sources allege that when he escaped to the bar, he was mulling whether or not to leave the state. This is reportedly when those in his personal orbit decided to step in and convince him to seek out a new approach to rehab.

It’s been sad to see Bam Margera face some may struggles, as he attempts to receive help and maintain sobriety. We’ll have to see just how this new plan works out for him in the long term. In the meantime, all we can do is wish him the best in his journey to better himself.

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