Not impressed! Malia White is not happy with Lexi Wilson’s apology following their altercation on season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

The TV personality, 31, exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, July 28, that Lexi, 29, didn’t appear to be “completely” sincere when she spoke to the Lady Michelle crew about her breakdown, which played out during the July 26 episode of the Bravo series.

“I think she was kind of like, ‘Yeah, whatever. I don’t remember. I’m sorry. Like, everyone get over it,’” Malia recalled. “We were like, ‘How do you not remember? You were saying some, like, pretty intense stuff, you know?’ So, I don’t think it was as sincere as we wanted it to be, but I think for her, that’s the best we were going to get.”

Below Deck Meds Malia Didnt Like Lexis Apology Its Best Well Get
Malia and Lexi. Laurent Basset/Bravo (2)

Fans saw Lexi get into multiple arguments on the July 26 episode, beginning with her and Malia’s tiff at a restaurant with Malia while they were docked in Croatia. They had some words while discussing the check and later argued in their room back on the yacht.

The stewardess, who has been vocal about her “burn list” and was drinking that night, then joined some of their shipmates in the hot tub — and things got even more tense. At one point, Lexi went to the galley and yelled at Mzi “Zee” Dempers, eventually shoving her.

Malia told Us on Wednesday that Lexi has yet to reach out to her after their fight aired on Bravo.

“The story with Lexi isn’t done, so you’ll get to see, you know, what else happens and what we go through with Lexi,” she teased. “But I think what’s happened has happened with Lexi and she’s just kind of done with it and that’s fair.”

The bosun noted that she has mixed feelings on whether Lexi should have been fired for her actions.

“That’s a tough one because I do think we should give second chances,” Malia said. “Everyone has a drunken night that they regret, and this being her first one, I think that’s something we can look past. If the behavior or, like, physically pushing someone keeps up, then I would say she should be fired.”

When all is said and done, Malia thinks Captain Sandy Yawn handled the situation the best she could.

“[The] captain generally does like to give the crew second chances. And, you know, she was going through a lot at the time and none of the crew were like, ‘Ah, get rid of her!’” the Florida native recalled. “No one was so deeply hurt by what she did that they needed her off the boat. I think we all were willing to say, ‘We’ve had bad nights. Let’s have a new start.’”

Malia also reacted to Matthew Shea quitting for a second time on the current season Below Deck Med, which happened the same night as Lexi’s drama.

Most of the time on a boat, if you quit, you’re done. I think in this case, again, it was a drunken night and he immediately came back and was so apologetic,” she told Us. “He instantly went up to everyone and was like, ‘Guys, my bad, I’m sorry, it’s my fault. Let me make it up to you guys.’ So I think because he did that we were more receptive to having him back.”

Malia noted that Matt’s apology did feel sincere, adding that she would work with him again. When it comes to Lexi, however, she admitted she wouldn’t work with her again “by choice.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Bravo Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

With reporting by Mandie DeCamp

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