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Dubious Source Says Barack Obama Supposedly In Screaming Matches With Michelle Over Her Celebrity Crush

Is Barack Obama furious with Michelle for harboring a secret celebrity crush? One tabloid claims the former first couple is on the verge of divorce. Here’s what we know.

Barack And Michelle In ‘Marriage Meltdown’?

This week, the Globe reports Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage is in jeopardy after the former first lady was spotted on the arm of another man. Sources say Michelle’s recent visit to a Miami race track to watch Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton has caused some major tension in their marriage. The magazine previously reported that Barack was livid over Michelle’s “celebrity crush” on the driver. But this week, an insider says things have only escalated. According to the article, Michelle wants to undergo some cosmetic work done to woo the “hunky” young racer.

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“Barack is appalled Michelle’s glamming herself up and flirting with hot younger guys,” a rat divulges. “It’s humiliating to him and something he’s not willing to tolerate. But Michelle isn’t going to be dictated to by anyone, least of all her jealous husband. She’s enjoying this new chapter in her life as well as her freedom. Their fights have gotten seriously toxic. They’re yelling and screaming at each other the whole time and neither of them is backing down.”

‘Brawling’ With Michelle Over ‘Nip/Tuck Plans’?

This report is absolutely ridiculous, and we have no reason to take it seriously. First of all, we debunked the Globe‘s story about Michelle’s alleged “crush” on Hamilton weeks ago. As we said back then, a single photo of them hugging combined with anonymous tips is not enough to indicate any kind of romantic feelings on either side. And since the pair hasn’t been substantially connected since the Miami incident, we’re confident this was all just pointless gossip.

And with the outlet’s latest tale, we’re absolutely certain there is no story here. There isn’t a shred of evidence to suggest Michelle is currently or has ever sought out any kind of plastic surgery. This seems far less like the dedicated activist that the public knows and far more like typical tabloid fantasy. And when checking in on the latest news about the former first lady, there are no whispers of nips or tucks. From what we can tell, she’s completely focused on her voter advocacy efforts ahead of the upcoming midterms.

So, we’re guessing her brief encounter with Lewis Hamilton last month is the furthest thing from her mind at the moment.

The Tabloid On Michelle Obama

While this story is shockingly far-fetched, it’s no surprise coming from the Globe. Last year, the outlet reported Barack was grooming Michelle to run against President Biden in 2024. Then the magazine claimed Michelle was scaring off her daughters’ boyfriends. And earlier this year, the publication alleged Michelle was “at the end of her rope” and considering divorcing Barack. Obviously, we’re immediately skeptical of anything the Globe has to say about the Obama family.


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