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Eva Longoria’s tiny white bikini might be her most head-turning yet

With the sun glistening on the Miami shore, Eva Longoria looked every inch the timeless beauty in a chic white bikini. 

At 48, her charm and ageless physique were on full display, making it evident that age is but a number for the Texas-born star.

Sharing the sandy stretch with the Desperate Housewives actress was her adorable five-year-old son, Santiago, who sported blue and white swimming trunks. 

Santiago is the apple of Eva’s eye, a joy she shares with her husband, José Bastón. The duo tied the knot in 2016, adding to their lives a blend of Eva’s Hollywood sparkle and José’s Mexican entrepreneurial prowess.

The actress recently took to Instagram to give her fans a sneak peek into their Miami escapade. 

Eva Longoria enjoy sun soaked vacation in Miami© Instagram
Eva Longoria enjoy sun soaked vacation in Miami

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In one of the candid shots, a makeup-free Eva cozied up to Santiago as he nonchalantly sipped his drink, giving a picture-perfect pose. Not leaving her fans to only family snaps, Eva shared a light-hearted moment of clinking glasses with friends, captioning her post simply: “Miami things.”

However, Miami isn’t the only destination that has seen the actress’s radiant glow this summer. Last month, Eva took the Spanish town of Marbella by storm. Making the most of the sandy beaches, she was spotted donning a studded black bikini, looking effortlessly fabulous as she reveled in the summer sun.

Eva with her son© Instagram
Eva with her son

Ever wondered about the secret behind Eva’s impeccable form? She’s quite open about it. Dedicated to her physical and mental well-being, Eva ensures she puts in an hour daily for her fitness regimen. 

From the bouncing energy of trampolining to the calming poses of yoga and the rigorous routines of strength training, she has an eclectic mix to keep her body and mind in sync. She once confided to Women’s Health: “I really work out for my mental health. Even if it’s just stretching, I need to do something.”

Eva's son is growing up fast© Instagram
Eva’s son is growing up fast

Amidst her globe-trotting and fitness sessions, Eva doesn’t let her acting aspirations take a backseat. Earlier this summer, she whimsically revealed a dream role that might raise a few eyebrows. 

Drawing inspiration from her close friend Victoria Beckham, 49, Eva expressed a keen interest in donning an English persona on screen.

Eva Longoria sunbathing in a black bikini© Instagram
Eva Longoria showed off her stunning physique in a black bikini

She quipped: “I wish I could play an English person. I do a great Victoria impression, so that’s about as far as it goes.” 

Her playful energy didn’t stop there. Thinking out loud, she envisioned herself as an honorary sixth member of the iconic Spice Girls in a potential sequel to their 1997 blockbuster. Chuckling, she announced: “One of my favorite movies is Spice World. So there you go – here comes Spice World 2. I’m Spicy Spice.”

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