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Faith Hill’s lookalike daughter Gracie debuts Bridgerton-inspired new look

Gracie McGraw, Faith Hill’s doppelganger daughter, is making waves with her inspiring journey towards self-acceptance, health awareness, and unexpected talents. 

Recently, she showcased a “Bridgerton”-inspired ensemble on Instagram, delighting her followers with a set of homemade bloomers crafted from an old shirt. Demonstrating her surprise sewing skills, the 26-year-old quipped, “Who knew I was a seamstress?”

While Gracie’s lineage connects her to the country music legacy of Tim McGraw, she is keenly carving out her own identity. 

Part of this involves her dedicated focus on well-being. In a recent Instagram post, Gracie celebrated her body’s transformation by flaunting a lilac bikini. 

The mirror selfie, taken in an ornate bathroom, highlighted her dedication to health. The bikini’s design – with side-tie strings, high leg cut, and halter-neck – accentuated her toned physique. 

The image sent her followers into a frenzy of admiration, with one commenting, “You look happy and fabulous!” Another asked for her secret, exclaiming how incredible she looked.

But behind the radiant photos, Gracie has faced challenges. In 2022, she opened up about her diagnosis with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition that can have diverse effects on women’s health. 

gracie mcgraw bikini selfie© Instagram
Gracie McGraw showed off her curves in a tiny bikini

Addressing speculations surrounding her weight and medication, Gracie stated in June that she had tried Ozempic, a medication primarily known for managing type 2 diabetes, to alleviate her PCOS symptoms. 

However, she further clarified her current regimen, mentioning: “I am now on a low dose of Mounjaro for my PCOS as well as working out. No need to accuse when I have been open about it.”

Her vulnerability extends beyond health discussions. Gracie candidly talks about her struggles with body image and self-acceptance. 

Tim McGraw kisses daughter Gracie© John Shearer
Gracie is following in her parent’s footsteps with her career in music

She shared a poignant message on her Instagram last month, saying: “Sometimes I get in a rut where the only things I have to say about myself are negative.” 

Gracie admitted she sometimes camouflaged her insecurities with a facade of confidence, which could be draining. 

However, she’s on a conscious journey towards genuine self-love, emphasizing the importance of appreciating both body and mind. In her earnest, relatable style, she mused about body changes, jesting about her “saggy” breasts and back pain. 

gracie mcgraw apartment selfie© Instagram
Gracie is ‘not apologizing’ for sharing photos of herself

She concluded her reflection with gratitude for her friend, @drewelhamalawy, for giving her a photo idea that helped her embrace her beauty. She confidently stated, “I can slay when needed. AMEN.”

Her diagnosis of PCOS led her to understand the intricacies of her body. While she later revealed her use of Ozempic – known to sometimes cause weight loss as a side effect – she initially spoke generally about her medical treatment. 

“During my appointment with my endocrinologist, I realized that may have been a factor in my issues with weight,” Gracie wrote, elucidating her decision to opt for medication to regulate her body. 

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