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Gisele Bundchen, 43, looks sensational as she showcases her incredible figure in slinky gown in latest video

Gisele Bundchen recently dazzled fans in a new Christmas campaign for the Brazilian jewelry brand Vivara, showcasing her timeless elegance and charm. 

At 43, the supermodel and mother of two radiated glamour in the stunning promotional photos and videos.

In the campaign, Gisele was captured laying back on a pale pink cushion, her figure gracefully adorned in a copper-toned silk slip dress that highlighted her toned legs.

 This shoot marked a return to her native Brazil, where she recently spent quality time with her family.

The highlight of the campaign was Gisele’s display of Vivara’s exquisite jewelry. She wore a breathtaking 18k yellow gold necklace, valued at nearly $600,000, embellished with pearls and colorless sapphires. See the video below:

Gisele Bundchen looks sensational in slinky gown

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Complementing this piece was a drop moonlight pendant priced at $26,500, along with matching statement earrings and bangle bracelets. Her blonde hair was elegantly styled to the side, and she opted for delicate makeup, enhancing her natural beauty.

Vivara further amplified the campaign’s allure by sharing two captivating clips of Gisele on their Instagram page. In one video, she appeared in a sophisticated black gown, lounging on the pink sofa and showcasing an array of diamond jewelry. 

The accompanying caption celebrated the upcoming holiday season’s glamour, as demonstrated by Gisele’s poise and elegance.

Another video featured Gisele sitting up on the sofa in a mesmerizing black mini dress paired with sheer black tights, further highlighting the luxurious jewelry.

Gisele showcases her toned physique in string bikini© Instagram
Gisele showcases her toned physique in string bikini

Beyond the campaign, Gisele shared glimpses of her recent trip to Brazil on Instagram. In one post, she exuded joy and vitality, sporting a leopard print string bikini on a sandy beach. 

Another touching photo showed her warmly embracing her parents during a visit to their home. She also shared a snapshot of a delectable local pastry, emphasizing the special moments spent in her homeland.

Photo shared by Gisele Bündchen on Instagram August 6, 2023 of her meditating by a waterfall during her vacation in Brazil.© Instagram
Photo shared by Gisele Bündchen on Instagram August 6, 2023 of her meditating by a waterfall during her vacation in Brazil.

Gisele, who now resides in Florida, frequently visits Brazil with her two children, Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, 10, whom she shares with ex-husband Tom Brady. Her Instagram posts from the trip included serene coastal scenes, yoga sessions with her daughter, and candid family moments.

One particularly heartfelt image featured Gisele holding a small baby, dressed casually in a tank top and workout leggings. The most poignant photo was with her parents, where Gisele, in a white tank top, lovingly towered over them.

In a notable move in her personal life, Gisele reportedly purchased an $11.5 million estate in Miami’s Surfside area in October 2022. 

Gisele Bundchen - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005© Peter Kramer
Gisele Bundchen – Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2005

This property is situated across from Tom Brady’s residence on Indian Creek. Following their divorce on October 28, 2022, the former couple now shares joint custody of their children.

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