5. Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

In Halloween III: Season of the Witch, an apparent murder-suicide in a hospital emergency room leads to an investigation, showing that a crazy toy maker wants to kill as many people as possible during Halloween by using an ancient Celtic ritual, stolen from Stonehenge, and Halloween masks.

This is definitely the black sheep of the Halloween family, for one specific reason – no Michael Myers. That led to fan uproar, and for them to bring him back in the fourth film (albeit poorly). However, after letting this film sit for years and years, re-watching it several times, I’ve come to actually appreciate it.

The idea was to kick off an anthology series of Halloween films, and when you don’t think about Michael Myers, the movie has a decent plot and a great sci-fi/horror twist. I put it at five because there’s no Michael, the monster that we know. If this was released as its own film away from the Halloween name, it would be even more of a good movie.

Source: Cinema Blend

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