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How Does Max Joseph Feel About His Catfish Replacement Kamie Crawford?

It had to be daunting for Kamie Crawford to take over from Max Joseph after he left “Catfish.” Joseph co-hosted the show with his best buddy, Nev Schulman, for the first seven seasons, and the two were totally simpatico. “I can reference things, and Max always knows exactly what I’m talking about when sometimes no one else will,” Schulman told In Touch Weekly.

Joseph has been busy since leaving “Catfish.” Still, he’s also been keeping a beady eye on the show and his replacement. “I really like Kamie,” Joseph told Page Six. “I love Kamie. She’s great. I’ve met her a number of times, and I think she’s a wonderful successor. I think she’s better than me in almost all [ways]. I think she’s pretty damn good.” High praise indeed.

As a Black woman, Crawford has introduced a new perspective to the show. At the same time, the series has also helped change her way of looking at things. “I think ‘Catfish’ has helped me see past the facade in everything in life and different points of view,” the former beauty queen told TV Insider. “Just the compassion standpoint and trying to understand people on a deeper level have been something I’ve gained and have taken throughout my life. Being empathetic to people’s experiences and what has led them to date the way they do and attract the people they attract.”

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