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How to plan the chicest Rosh Hashanah party ever according to an expert

Dani Tucker has made a name for herself designing unique events and tablescapes for some of the most prestigious brands and publications in the UK. Through her company, The Social Kitchen, she offers a completely tailored service that encompasses everything from the initial spark of creative inspiration and event planning to the meticulous styling of food for brand partnerships and photoshoots.

Today, Dani and her team provide a carefully curated assortment of rental items for various events. (If you’re looking to plan your next big event, don’t hesitate to reach out.) Their exquisite tableware can be rented for events of any size. With Dani’s expertise, you can rest assured that every tiny detail will be flawlessly managed. So when it comes to creating elegant place settings for Rosh Hashanah, there’s probably no one better to ask than Dani ahead of the High Holidays.

“It is traditional at Jewish New Year that we eat apples and honey to symbolise the hope for a sweet new year,” explains Dani, “This is the perfect excuse to decorate your table on this occasion by using apples and honey. To make it that tiny bit more special you can use honeycomb set on the table for people to enjoy. Apples typically are green and red or variation thereof, therefore basing your table colours around this will always look good.”

Rosh Hashanah x The Social Kitchen
Rosh Hashanah x The Social Kitchen

How to create a chic Rosh Hashanah party:

1) Table decorations

“I love to use table decorations that can be reused in a salad and don’t go to waste. Using apples, honey and pomegranates are a perfect example. Grouping items in odd numbers along your table, having some whole and some cut up in different ways like in half or sliced will add something extra to your table. In addition you could have some pomegranate seeds in a little bowl and some pomegranates loosely breaking open to reveal the seeds.”

2) Create height

“It looks beautiful to create a bit of height on your table with piling apples up in trifle dishes of different heights along your table. Or having a dish filled with whole pomegranates. Another lovely idea is to add clear water jugs to your tables with pomegranate seeds & mint.” 

Rosh Hashanah x The Social Kitchen
Rosh Hashanah x The Social Kitchen

3) The Place Settings

“For your name place cards you could use mini honey dippers with a swing tag to write the person’s name and place it on their plate and under the name write a question to create meaningful conversations for example: ‘What do you hope for the year ahead?’ or ‘Who would you like to spend more time with?’ and ‘What three things you are most grateful for from last year?’”

4) The Kids Corner

“To entertain the kids, a fun idea could be to print out a Rosh Hashanah picture which could be used as a place mat so the kids can colour and be entertained.”

5) The Final Touches

“A really beautiful way to incorporate the thoughtfulness of the holiday is to write little personalised notes to your guests to wish them …. For the new year and words of encouragement to really inspire them to go for it.” 

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