Is Laird Hamilton Related To Bethany Hamilton? Meet His Daughters Reece Viola, Brody Jo And Izabella Hamilton

Is Laird Hamilton related to Bethany Hamilton? Finally, the big question is answered. Read the full answer below along with the details of his daughters

Laird Hamilton is an American wave surfer known for his endurance and skills on the sea.

Lately, Laird and Bethany were featured on the popular journal site Men’s Journal. This feature put both of them on the network’s radar. Laird talked about fitness at an old age with Joe Rogan.

Bethany Hamilton is also a surfer but much younger than Laird. Bethany gained popularity after surfing successfully with one hand amputated. People praise her surfacing skills to be better than most people with both hands.

No, Bethany herself confirmed that she is not related to Laird Hamilton. 

Although it is very hard not to make connections, both are Hamiltons and are into surfing. Also, the age gap between the surfers questions them as father-daughter.

However, they are not related and have their own separate family. Bethany and Laird are close friends, however. Bethany featured him and his wife on her YouTube show Training Your Mind.

Laird was one of the biggest influences on her, says Bethany. Watching him surfing professionally on Malibu Beach, inspired her to pursue the sport into a profession.

Meet Daughters Of Laird Hamilton: Reece, Brody, And Izabella

Laird Hamilton talks about his daughters Reece, Brody and Izabella as much as he can.

Laird and Gabby, his wife sought some unconventional ways of parenting. They oppose the traditional schooling methods and home-schooled their children. Many people were concerned about them socializing, but the girls socialized perfectly in other activities.

Izabella is of 26 years old and is in college now. She is almost a graduate now. Reece the firstborn with Gabby is 17 years old and Brody the youngest is 13.

Laird Harrington Wife And Children

Gabrielle Reece, wife of Laird Harrington is a legend in herself. She is a beach volleyball champion and a successful author as well.

Before Gabrielle, Laird was married to Maria Souza who was also a surfer. He was married to her for three years until 1995. At the end of their marriage, they had their first child Izabella.

Having all the children girls, brought big questions to Laird. As Laird is a big masculine man, many are shocked that he does not have a son. Gabrielle, his wife gave an answer on Joe Rogan Podcast, saying that being masculine and having all girls was a perfect balance.

Laird is a father of two daughters with his second wife and three in total.

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