Quick Facts of Joe Barker

Hollywood industry is full of good-looking people and strong genes. Being a celebrity father, Joe Barker becomes a heartthrob to a thousand fans.

Moreover, he is an American watercolor artist who is famous as the father of DMX. DMX was a Grammy award-nominated American rapper and actor who rose to eminence, dropping his debut albums, Its Dark and Hell Is Hot, plus Then There Was X.

Sadly, the rapper left this earth on the 9th of April 2021April 2021April 2021. Suppose you are eager to know the reasons behind his death. Then be with us further and stay tuned with this article until the end.

About Joe Barker

Joe was born somewhere under the sky. His birthdate and birthplace are unknown. He is the holder of American citizenship and prefers to African-American ethnicity. Currently, he resides in Philadelphia.

The celebrity father is an educated person who has hidden all the details of his parents, past life, and siblings behind the curtain.

Joe's Blue Shoes auctioning artwork, source fox29.com
Joe’s Blue Shoes auctioning artwork. Image source: fox29.com

As we know, Joe is a watercolor artist who developed an interest in art with his first crayon drawings of Lat Supper at the tender age of four.

Moreover, his works are highly appreciated, and he has been selling work for a long time. And, his watercolor paintings of streets are sold in local fairs.

Joe’s son, DMX, is no more in this world.

One of the most lucrative and soulful rappers, DMX, was born as Earl Simmons was the first musical artist to have his first five albums on number one in the Billboard Charts passed away on the 9th of April 2021, in White Plains Hospital, New York. Guess! What’s the reason behind the certain death?

Well, after suffering a heart attack triggered by a drug overdose at his home on the 2nd of April, he was admitted to hospital and was in a coma the following day.

Joe Barker's son DMX with his fiance Desiree Lindstrom and their son Exodus (1)
Joe Barker’s son DMX with his fiance Desiree Lindstrom and their son Exodus. Image source:  Vergewiki

As per the report, losing functionality in multiple essential organs, including lungs, liver, and kidney, took his life.

And, his entire family, including his fiance Desiree Lindstrom, his ex-wife Tashera Simmons and Yadira Borrego, mother Arnett Simmons, were by his side during his last breath. At that time, he was 50 years of age and the father of 15 children.

Joe became parents at his teenage

DXM’s father, Joe, keeps a low-key profile. Previously, he was married to Arnett Simmons. They became parents of DMX during their teenage and Joe was just 18 years old, plus Arnett was 19.

Joe Barker's Arnett Simmons with her children DMX and Bonita (1)
Joe Barker’s Arnett Simmons with her children DMX and Bonita. Image source: Vergewiki

At that time, she was already a parent of her two-year-old daughter, Bonita, born to Arnett from her previous relationship.

Joe left his son in the hand of an abusive mother.

From the research, we learned that the artist had been an absentee father and missed most of his son’s childhood. And he didn’t want to get engaged in his son’s life.

When DMX was just seven years old, he moved to Philadelphia, leaving him behind in the hand of a physically abusive mother who poured all her rage and frustration on his son.

DMX grew up in scarcity and started robbing to survive, which later heightened and often led him behind bars.

Steadily, he became so dangerous that he could kill anyone who would mess with him, and when he was 11 years old, he was out of control because they took him to a reform school, The Children’s Village

During his 18 months at that school, he became good at beatboxing. Later, he joined hands with the local rapper, Ready Ron, while leaving his school. Besides, he developed the habit of smoking c*ack meeting Ready, which later became an integral part of his life.

He used to rob and steal more in the urgency of the need for c*ack. At 14, he was behind bars and translated his rage into rhymes that kept him alive and gave purpose to his life. In an interview, DMX confronted that he loved his father even if he was not there for him.

Joe and his wife are somewhere responsible for destroying their son, DMX.

After Joe left his wife and children, Arnett became a single mother, and she gave them physical abuse and hated instead of showing love and care.

The misbehave between their parents destroyed their son in many ways. An innocent kid who starved for love and attention from his parents received abandonment.

Joe Barker's son DMX with his mother Arnett Simmons after their reunion in 2012- Source YouTube (1)
Joe Barker’s son DMX with his mother Arnett Simmons after their reunion in 2012. Image Source: Vergewiki

During his entire childhood, he had endured the pain d from an abusive, neglectful, and terrible mother that led him to the path of crime and addiction, the same obsession that took his life today.

Legal Troubles and Arrestment

The late actor, DXM, found himself among legal disputes several times. At first, he entered prison at the age of the junkyard. 16 for stealing a dog from a 

After being a star, he faced charges of weapons possession and animal cruelty in the late 1990s. And, in the early 2000s, he was arrested for marijuana possession, animal cruelty, drug possession, cocaine possession, etc., multiple times.

Apart, he was arrested in New York in 2015 for charges of robbery and outstanding child support. Furthermore, he faced 14 federal counts of tax fraud in July 2017, and the court sentenced him to a year in prison in March 2018, followed by three years of supervised release.

And, he was released from jail on the 25th of January, 2019.

Joe’s Net Worth and Net Worth

The talented artist stays miles away from the limelight of the media. And, he hasn’t revealed his exact net worth, salary, and other earning.

But we have the net worth of his late son DMX, who has accumulated an impressive net income throughout his successful career in the late 1990s and 2000s.

Further, he has a negative net worth of around $10million due to his legal issue. Unfortunately, he filed for bankruptcy in a Manhattan court, where he claimed to have $50,000 of assets and between $1million to $10million worth of liabilities in July 2013.

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