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Khloe Kardashian Jokes That Kris Jenner Mistreats Her the Most After Fight

Khloe Kardashian Jokes That Kris Jenner Mistreats Her the Most After Their Fight
Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. Jerritt Clark/WireImage for Ronald McDonald House Charities

Khloé Kardashian is open to fixing her relationship with Kris Jenner — but she’s still going to throw in a few digs first.

During the Thursday, November 9, of The Kardashians, Kris, 68, invited Khloé, 39, to one of her events after their recent feud.

“Khloé’s mad at me because I haven’t been paying enough attention to her. She thinks I can be at four places at the same time,” the momager told Kathy Hilton and Paris Hilton, who attended the product launch to show support for Kris.

Kris offered an update on where she and Khloé stand, explaining in a confessional, “I’ve invited Khloé to come but I am not so sure she’s going to come after how our last conversation went.”

The Good American cofounder surprised her mother by showing up at the last minute.

“Things haven’t been resolved with me and Mom, but I am here to support her. I mean, we are in a short-term fight, but she’s forever my mom and I am forever going to support her,” Khloé noted. “So, I can put our differences aside to be here today for something positive and amazing that she has going on in her life. We are going to resolve our fight. It is just a matter of time.”

Kris, meanwhile, got emotional when Khloé walked through the door, adding, “She showed up. I am so happy. She made her mom very happy.”

After giving a toast at the party, Kris attempted to hash out the recent drama with Khloé.

“I hate when you are cranky with me because I can’t sleep at night. I really get so upset,” she admitted. “But I am glad that you came today because I wasn’t sure if you were going to show up or not.”

Khloé, for her part, pointed out that she always chooses her family over conflict. “I don’t care what we are going through. I am still going to do what is morally right,” she shared. “I just want you to look around and see that none of your other kids are here. But I am and [I’m] the one that you mistreat the most.”

Kris appeared shocked by Khloé’s use of the word “mistreat” before changing the subject. The pair agreed that they needed to have a bigger conversation about why they are at odds.

“Obviously, this dinner doesn’t fix what me and my mom are going through, and we definitely need to talk things out,” Khloé concluded. “Because I don’t want to have this animosity toward her and I don’t want to be at this place with one another.”

Earlier this season, the duo ended up at odds after Khloé expressed her frustrations to Kris about how she’s been lacking as a manager.

“I can’t take on other responsibilities like starting something completely new because I don’t have a team to lean on. I don’t have a management team. You are only there until the contract is signed and you disappear until you want to bring me the next contract,” Khloé claimed in a November episode. “I don’t have a middleman to go to to say, ‘I need help.’ You have no idea how I don’t sleep [and] how I can’t do any of the things I should be doing because I am trying to fix the f–kups.”

Kris sidestepped the argument by saying Khloé was missing the bigger picture. She went on to say that Khloé saw business situations “differently” than her but they could still find a solution.

“You are just somewhere else,” Kris said. “I don’t want to put salt on a wound. I want your wounds to be necessarily taken care of. Calm down, Khloé. You are getting upset again, and it is just festering into these other things. It is not healthy for you.”

New episodes of The Kardashians air on Hulu every Thursday.

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