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Maggie McGuane

Maggie McGuane, born on October 28, 1975, is a person of diverse talents and passions. She is the sole offspring of the renowned Canadian-American actress and activist, Margot Kidder. Maggie has led a versatile life, engaging in roles as a writer, photographer, model, and devoted advocate.

Presently wedded to Chad Franscoviak, a sound engineer and music producer, she is also a caring mother of two children from her prior union with novelist Walter Kirn. In this article, we will delve into Maggie’s early years, her career pursuits, her personal journey, and her profound dedication to the cause of animal welfare.

Maggie McGuane Early Life and Education

Maggie McGuane was born to actress Margot Kidder and novelist Thomas McGuane. Growing up, she showed a keen interest in writing, a passion supported by her parents.

Maggie McGuane is an America writer
Maggie McGuane is an American writer


After completing her formal education, Maggie embarked on her journey as a writer. Simultaneously, she also delved into photography, discovering her fascination for capturing moments through the lens. See another celebrity daughter, Mars Merkaba.

Take a Look at Her Career

Maggie McGuane’s career is a testament to her multifaceted nature. She ventured into modeling before dedicating herself to activism. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in the United States, Maggie actively participated in various relief efforts to aid the affected communities.

Likewise, her compassion extends to animals, and she has been instrumental in finding homes for numerous stray animals in Montana. On her social media platforms, Maggie frequently shares heartwarming images and videos of her rescuing stray dogs and other animals. Check out Christne Gacy.

Personal Life: Husband and Children

In her personal life, Maggie McGuane embarked on a journey of matrimony at the tender age of 19 when she wedded novelist Walter Kirn on August 26, 1995. Their love story was marked by a notable age gap of 13 years, yet Maggie’s deep affection for the author transcended this difference. The wedding ceremony unfolded in the tranquil setting of Melville, Montana, with Maggie opting for a traditional Lutheran church ceremony, situated approximately 80 miles away from Bozeman, the nearest airport. After their union, the couple made their home in Livingston, where they built their life together and lovingly raised two children, Charlie and Mazie Kirn.

Maggie McGuane during her marriage
Maggie McGuane and her husband, Chad Franscoviak during their marriage


Subsequent to her separation from Walter Kirn, Maggie McGuane crossed paths with Chad Franscoviak, a skilled sound engineer and music producer, during the lively July 4th festivities in Livingston. Their connection flourished swiftly, culminating in their nuptials in 2013, held in the picturesque “Paradise Valley” of Livingston, Montana. Chad, with his extensive collaborations in the music industry, extended a unique touch to the event, even extending invitations to renowned musicians John Mayer and Katy Perry, who graced the occasion with their presence and performances. Within this celebration, Maggie’s daughter, Mazie, took on the role of the maid of honor, while her son, Charlie, assumed the role of the best man.

Maggie McGuane currently resides in Livingston, Park County, Montana, with her husband Chad Franscoviak. She continues her active involvement in fundraising activities and disaster relief efforts. Her profound love for animals has led her to play a significant role in finding homes for countless stray pets over the years.

What About Her Mother’s Relationship?

Talking about Maggie’s mother’s romantic connections, Margot Kidder, a Canadian-American actress, director, and activist, had a career that spanned an impressive five decades. She married three times in her lifetime and the men were Philippe de Broca, John Heard, and Thomas McGuane. Moreover, the late actress was romantically linked to well-known figures, including Richard Pryor, Michael Ontkean, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hayden, Pierre Trudeau, Brian De Palma, and Tom Mankiewicz.

Born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, in 1948, Kidder attended Havergal College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her acting career was prolific, encompassing a wide range of films and television productions, with her most iconic portrayal being that of Lois Lane in the Superman film series. Likewise, Kidder also gained recognition for her high-profile associations with actors, directors, and politicians.

Net Worth and Earnings

Maggie McGuane’s estimated net worth stands at around $1 million, a testament to her diverse career and life experiences. She may live a quality life with her belongings from her earnings. Likewise, she might have an active engagement on her professional commitments these days.

Maggie is a mother of 2 kids
Maggie McGuane is a mother of 2 kids


Talking about her mother’s riches, Margot had around $300 thousand in 2018 at the time of her death. Her major earning source was her career as a showbiz personality. Despite her contribution to the showbiz world for a long time, the actress was not able to make millions. However, she remained one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Social Media Presence

The celebrity daughter, Maggie is an active social media user and never misses an opportunity to share her personal life on her Instagram account. We can see her family life glimpses and other moments on Instagram @mkmcguane.

Also, the lady is close to her family members and is often seen spending time with them. Likewise, her social media presence, particularly on Instagram, is filled with heartwarming images of various animals, predominantly dogs.

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