Who Is Mahalia Cassidy? Everything About The Sunshine Coast Lightning Player

Mahaila Cassidy leaves her first club from the age of 20, Queensland Firebirds. So, what’s next for the athlete. Find out the answer in detail below

Mahaila Cassidy is an Australian netball player known for her playing in Queensland Fibers.

However, Cassidy left her debut netball team and carried onto Sunshine Coast Lightning. Many people found this ironic as Fibers beat Lightning in Round 6. Although Lightning finished #4 while Fibers finished #5.

Lightning lost to West Fever in the Minor Semifinal with a score of 67-75 a week ago. As a consequence, all the results were made into the search list. Giants won the league by beating West Coast Fever by 64-61.

Also, Kylee Byrne, the coach for Lightning’s contract was extended for two years.

Mahaila Cassidy Age And Height

Mahaila Cassidy, the athlete’s age is 25 years, standing tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Her height is 3 inches taller than an average female Australian. Of course, being an athlete is synonymous with having an extensive height.

The 25-year-old was born and raised in Redcliffe, Queensland. She still lives in the same vicinity.  St John Fisher College, her previous school defined Mahaila as a girl who knew how to balance everything; academics, social life, ambitions and family.

Mahaila Cassidy Parents And Family

Luckily, Mahaila Cassidy got very supportive parents, Kathy and Mark Cassidy.

Kathy her mother dropped off and picked up Mahaila during her training. As a kid, she was never alone. She was always accompanied by her three siblings.

Ed Cassidy, Rhiannon Cassidy and Megan make up the blissful family. The eldest Megan is herself a parent new with a newborn son, Asher.

As Cassidy is a family woman as well, she finds gaps in her schedule to spend time with her parents and family as frequently as she can.

We can the big family gatherings on her Instagram.

Meet Mahaila Cassidy Boyfriend Or Partner On Instagram

Mahaila Cassidy is happy with her boyfriend Bradly J Fox. She met her partner 3-4 years ago.

Bradley is a professional cyclist completing the couple as an athletic couple.

The couple took in the responsibility of raising a dog, Poppy. Bradley, her boyfriend went to the same school as she did and graduated together as well.

We can catch glimpses of the couples’ love stories on Instagram. That and more fun-filled content are on her Instagram at @mahaliacassidy.

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