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Matthew Symonds And Wife Josephine McAfee Age Difference – Carrie Johnson Parents

Matthew Symonds and Josephine McAfee are known to be the parents of Carrie Johnson. Find out about their age and other details in the article.

Besides being known as the mother of Carrie Johnson, Josephine McAfee is also a former lawyer and previously worked for the newspaper named ‘The Independent’,

Matthew Symonds met Josephine during their job. Additionally, they are also the in-laws of the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, which makes them UK celebrity parents.

Matthew Symonds And Wife Josephine McAfee Age Difference

There is an age difference of around 10 years between Matthew Symonds and Josephine McAfee.

Josphine is in the age range of 50-55 years old, while Matthew is currently 67 years old.

Unlike Matthew, the age and birth details of his wife are missing. Josephine has not revealed her age to this day.

Both of them are journalists by profession. Josephine worked for a Newspaper company while Matthew is the executive director of the Larry Ellison Foundation.

Most people know them as the in-laws’ parents of the Prime Minister of the UK.

More About Carrie Johnson Parents

Carrie Johnson was born to her parents Matthew Symonds And Josephine McAfee, in the UK.

Both her parents are somehow related to Politics, just like her. Carrie Johnson is a politician and also the wife of the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Josephine gave birth to Carrie in 1988 and raised her single-handedly as Matthew was married to another woman at that time.

Matthew has worked for the Mirror group, the Financial Times, and The Daily Telegraph as well.

On the other hand, Josephine is an ex-lawyer and came to the hype after joining The Independent. She met Matthew there and had an affair with him.

Moreover, they are proud parents as her daughter is a reputed politician and the wife of Boris Johnson.

What Is Their Net Worth? 

The net worth of Matthew Symonds And Josephine McAfee is still to be discovered.

As they were involved in some great jobs, they must have a good net worth from their career.

Source: CelebSaga

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