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Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill’s Candid Comments About Their Friendship

An unexpected friendship! Since starring in Enola Holmes together, Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill have opened up about forming a platonic bond.

The mystery film series, which first debuted in September 2020, explored Sherlock Holmes’ teenage sister as she embarked on an adventure to track down her missing mother (Helena Bonham Carter). Two years later, Netflix released a sequel, which focused on Enola’s attempt to start her own detective agency while in her older brother’s shadow.

According to Brown, working alongside Cavill allowed the duo to create a “real adult relationship” between them.

“Like a really healthy one. One that we have terms and conditions,” she explained to Deadline in November 2022. “I know Henry. He has terms and conditions with me.”

The Stranger Things star explained how their history from working together on the first movie helped them when they returned to set for Enola Holmes 2. “Then on the second one it was like that trust we had built together was then turned into this spontaneous journey together,” she continued at the time. “And then we were just making other actors in the film do it too because it was really fun. Especially seeing Henry be spontaneous.”

The film’s director, Harry Bradbeer, also weighed in on getting to watch Brown and Cavill work together, adding, “They’re always poking at each other. And Millie tickles him up a little bit and surprises him. And he goes with it.”

That same month, Bradbeer addressed questions about Sam Claflin‘s departure from the franchise. (The actor previously played Mycroft Holmes, the oldest of the Holmes siblings and Enola’s legal guardian.)

“Well, it was Sam’s schedule that became very clear, so Sam was not going to be in it,” he detailed to Collider about the cast shakeup. “We were very sorry that Sam couldn’t be in this one. If there was a future one we would love to have him back. But that was just the practicalities of life.”

Bradbeer continued: “That then meant though that we had to then concentrate on Sherlock, which has some advantages in the sense and that it becomes a sharp pencil if you like. You’re just having to work with that particular relationship. It had to be about Sherlock and Enola and coming together. So I guess there is some blessings in having less pieces because you can do more with what you have.”

Scroll down for Brown and Cavill’s candid insight into their friendship:

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