Who Are Luka Garza Parents? Everything About The Star Basketballers Family & Ethnicity

As Luka Garza gets drafted into NBA, nobody is happier than his parents Sejla and Frank Garza. Get to know the athletic family in close down below

Luka Garza is an American-Yugoslovian NBA player. He is known for the college club Iowa Hawkeyes.

Luka will now be playing for the Detroit Pistons. As he graduated from college, it was time for him to play professionally. Luckily, he was drafted in the second round by the Detroit Pistons. He was the #52 pick.

Detroit Pistons signed a two-way contract with the player. Meaning, he will also be playing for the G league team of Pistonss, Grand Rapids Gold.

Luka Garza Mother Sejla Garza & Father Frank Garza

As Luka Garza went trending, his mother Sejla and father Frank Garza were also in the spotlight of the media.

Surprisingly, both of his parents were once basketball players. This could explain the gigantic height Luka inherited. Frank, his father played college basketball for the University of Idaho. Sejla, his mother also played professional basketball back in Europe.

Sejla now works as the Executive Assistant at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Frank is an economist.

Luka’s grandfather James Halm also played college basketball at the University of Hawaii.

Luka Garza Ethnicity

Luka Garza is an American. However, he also belongs to the Yugoslavian ethnicity.

Sejla, his mother is originally from Yugoslavia making him half American half Yugoslav. His mother migrated to the United States during her mid-20s.

Luka’s father Frank said being a Yugoslavian is advantageous as people from the ethnicity are intensely athletes. They also have high endurance and stamina compared to people from other ethnic backgrounds. 

Additionally, Luka is not the only child in the Garza family. Tesa Garza is the eldest child and the only daughter in the family.

Luka Garza Salary And Net Worth

Luka Garza accumulated a net worth of $1 million as per Players Bio

Luka could have earned ranges of salaries during his time in Iowa Hawkeyes. He was also the recipient of many awards and won many games. This earned him a bonus on his salary as well.

All these achievements could have earned him a net worth of a million dollars.

Statista calculated that the average salary of an NBA player is $8.32 million and the median salary is $4 million. Hence we can assume he will be receiving a salary in the same range during his contract.

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