Who Is Olivia Lewis? Everything About The Australian Netball Player

Olivia Lewis is holding up the reputation of Courtney Bruce. Surprisingly, her age is only 22. Familiarize yourself with the athlete below

Olivia Lewis is an Australian netball player who plays for West Coast Fever.

Currently, Lewis is stealing the netball spotlight. She was recently chosen in Australian Development Squad 2021. It is a special netball camp handpicked by Stacey Marinkovich, Anne Sargeant and Michelle Wilkins.

But more important than that is the Supernet League Semifinals. Lewis’ team made it to the semifinal despite paying massive penalty points. Looking at the momentum, there’s a high chance their team can win the league.

Olivia Lewis Age And Height

When we talk about athletes, the first question is their age. The answer to the age of Olivia Lewis is 22.

She was born in 1999 in Subiaco, a tiny suburb in Perth. Olivia turned 22 three months ago on 29th April. Being young blood and having proper coaches, Olivia turned out to be one of the most proficient players on the West Coast.

As an athlete, it should be no surprise that Olivia has a height of exactly 6 feet. She is 7 inches taller than the average Australian woman.

Olivia Lewis Boyfriend

Olivia Lewis does not seem to have a boyfriend. Digging deeper into her Instagram, we found that Olivia shares much of her life.

Hence, there was no sign of a current boyfriend. A year ago, she was in a relationship with Liam Collins. But lately, there is not activity regarding the two.

It seems that Lewis is concentrating all of her time and energy on softball. As she is young enough, she can always cross through her deserved partner.

Olivia Lewis Salary

As per ABC’s numbers, netball players earn a salary of $30,000-$75,000. Similarly, Olivia Lewis is also earning in the same range.

The team Olivia plays from violated salary cap rules of Supernet League in 2021. They paid their players $120,000 above the salary cap. As a result, the West Coasts were fined $300,000 and 12 points.

Looking at her Instagram, we can see that Olivia is living her life fully. With all the partying, we can sense that she receives enough salary.

Olivia Lewis Instagram

As we mentioned above, Olivia Lewis shares most of her stuff on her Instagram page. She does not use other social media apps.

Most of her shared pictures include sightseeing, her game shots, outgoings with family and friends, and so on. 

You can scroll through her posts on Instagram at @oliviarlewis.

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