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Poppy Mounts ‘Motorbike’ in Revved Up New Single

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The song is her second release from upcoming LP, Zig, out Oct 27

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. In her new pop anthem “Motorbike,” Poppy takes to the streets, and she is calling her fans to the dance floor. Unlike the metal performances that put her on the map, the club-ready single continues to present a new side to the multi-hyphenate.   

“That girl on a motorbike, going where she wants to. Girl on a motorbike, never checks the rear view. Girl on a motorbike, no one can confine her. Epitome of freedom, I’m following behind her,” sings Poppy, with Downtown Los Angeles flashing behind her. 

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“Motorbike” is the second single from the singer’s upcoming LP, Zig, set to be released on Oct. 27. In June, she released pop single “Knockoff,” riffing off her previous rock sound with a dark electronic twist.

The new album is “a reflection of an artist who has been in the public eye since her late teens, coming into her own in her late 20’s as a woman who knows what she wants and who she is,” according to a statement. “Pairing immersive, roiling electronics with candy-coated vocals, songs on Zig bubble just under the skin. At times, the music’s cool lacquer gives way to Poppy’s own lacerating screamed lyrics, the perfect complement to dislodging the songs’ pointed pop edges.”  


Poppy last released her rock-heavy album Flux in 2021, featuring songs such as “So Mean” and “Her.” She dropped her experimental EP Stagger last year and recently worked with Stu Brooks and Danny Elfman on “They’ll Just Love You.” She also dropped screamo single “Spit” and dark pop track “Church Outfit” earlier this year.

The singer is currently wrapping up her Godless/Goddess Tour with Pvris.

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