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Prince William will be a ‘radical’ and ‘relevant’ monarch – exclusive

Prince William has returned to his home in Windsor after a successful week in Singapore, where he hosted The Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony alongside countless of A-List stars.

Speaking at the end of his visit, the future King made a surprising statement where he shared his vision for the future, saying that he wants “to go a step further” than the late Queen Elizabeth II and his father, King Charles.

The Prince has said he wants to 'actually bring change' when he becomes King© Getty
The Prince has said he wants to ‘actually bring change’ when he becomes King

“I want to actually bring change and I want to bring people to the table who can do the change if I can’t do,” he told the British print travelling media.

Indeed, Prince William wants to do things differently in the future, something which Sunday Times royal editor and broadcaster Roya Nikkhah spoke about in the latest episode of A Right Royal Podcast in partnership with True Royalty TV.

Speaking to hosts Andrea Caamano, Emmy Griffiths and HELLO!’s royal editor Emily Nash, Roya revealed William will no doubt be a “radical monarch”.

“I think he’ll be a very radical monarch,” she said in the episode which you can listen to below.

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“I think the monarchy will look very different, quite quickly. I do, I think he will change a lot.

“I think he has probably got a vision for the monarchy that a lot of it will still feel familiar, but I think a lot of it will change.”

William's coronation will be very different to his father's© Getty
William’s coronation will be very different to his father’s

Asked if William’s ‘future monarchy’ could be compared to any other European royal family, Roya adds: “He knows the institution is much loved by a lot of people. He knows that a lot of people, obviously, younger people probably aren’t that interested. We’ll still know we have the British royal family.

“But for instance, within days of the coronation, I knew that wasn’t really the sort of service he would want. He was very keen to relate that it wasn’t the kind of service he would want and his coronation will look very different and very modern. And even within days of his father’s coronation, he was putting out there that ‘things will be quite different when I’m King.’ Some things will change quite a lot.”

Prince William touching the St Edward's Crown during the King's Coronation Ceremony earlier this year© Getty
Prince William touching the St Edward’s Crown during the King’s Coronation Ceremony earlier this year

Roya and Emily go on to reveal which traditional royal events the Prince will likely change up and where we are likely to see “a little less pomp” in order to become a “relevant” monarch.

As for the name he will choose once he becomes King? Roya has no doubt about the one the father-of-three will choose.

Prince William is keen to change up traditional royal events when he becomes King© Getty
Prince William is keen to change up traditional royal events when he becomes King

Elsewhere in the episode, eco company director and former Earthshot winner Vaitea Cowan talks about what happens when you win the £1 million prize and what happened when Prince William’s team first emailed her during the pandemic.

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