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Princess Kate reveals regret over missing major sporting event

The Princess of Wales has revealed a decade-long regret of hers, and it’s not what you’d expect.

On last weekend’s episode of Mike Tindall’s podcast – The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby – Princess Kate announced that she was deeply sorry to have missed Andy Murray’s big win against Roger Federer in the 2012 Olympics.

WATCH: Prince and Princess of Wales made a surprise appearance on Mike Tindall’s podcast

“I was absolutely gutted to have missed Andy Murray’s game when he won his gold medal against Federer,” the Princess of Wales said on the Mike Tindall show. “That was one of the highlights for me. I was watching it at home thinking I wish I was there in person, because those moments are extraordinary to be a part of.”

William and Kate jump to their feet at Wimbledon 2017© Getty
The royals rose to their feet during Wimbledon’s 2017 championships

Luckily, Princess Kate was able to make up for her absence at the Olympics by attending 2012’s Wimbledon championships not once, but twice!

Princess Kate at Wimbledon in 2018© Getty
Princess Kate has been a loyal attendee of Wimbledon over the years.

Both Prince William and Kate have long been avid fans of national sports, with the latter having been dubbed ‘Princess of Sport’.

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“Watching sports live is like no other,” the Princess added. “Watching it on telly is very exciting, but watching it live…to soak up the atmosphere is extraordinary.”

Indeed, Princess Kate had the chance to uplift the atmosphere even further this year when she served against Federer on Wimbledon’s No3 Court.

The Princess of Wales standing with Roger Federer at Wimbledon© Instagram
The Princess of Wales joined Roger Federer on Wimbledon’s No3 court this year

“As a spectator, you get drawn into the highs of the winning team or the winning individual.”

The Princess of Wales also added that it’s difficult to retain neutrality and professionalism whilst watching sporting events such as Wimbledon and the Rugby World Cup.

Princess Kate and Prince George attend Wimbledon 2022© Getty
Princess Kate attended last year’s Wimbledon championships with Prince George

“It is really challenging,” she said. “Particularly when Wales and England are playing against each other.”

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