Randy Timberlake Is Also a Musician – What We Know about Justin Timberlake’s Dad

Justin Timberlake | Randy Timberlake and his son, Justin Timberlake. | Source: Getty Images | Instagram/justintimberlake

Randy Timberlake passed his musical genes to his son, singer Justin Timberlake, who cemented his name in the entertainment industry. He separated from Justin’s mom, found new love, and welcomed two more musically inclined kids.


Justin Timberlake has shown his flair for music ever since he was a child. The artist broke into the music industry in the late 1990s, became a superstar, and later branched into acting. His mother credited his artistic prowess to his biological father, Randy Timberlake.

Randy supported his son’s dreams to be a professional musician, as he, too, came from a musical background. He was a Baptist church choir director and a member of a bluegrass band.


Randy Timberlake Keeps a Low Profile

Alongside directing a church choir, Randy was the front man and played bass for a Mississippi bluegrass band with Justin’s mother’s brother. It’s unknown if he has continued his music career, as the father of three has kept a relatively low profile.

In 2019, he created an Instagram profile but has, so far, only shared one post. It was a photo of himself smiling as he held an orange Verve can, sporting a blue shirt. “Who needs coffee when you can have VERVE?! Thanks, BK, for a verven’ good time in Phoenix!” he captioned.


Randy Timberlake Is a Married Man

Randy separated from Justin’s mother, Lynn Harless, when the singer was young. He found love again and married Lisa Timberlake in 1989. The couple celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary in January 2023.

Unlike Randy, Lisa has an active social media presence. She frequently shares photos and clips from family gatherings and romantic getaways with her husband. In 2018, she and Randy visited the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.


“Such an interesting year… another wonderful new place to visit!! #windycity,” she gushed alongside a selfie she and Randy took during their trip. In July 2023, on the weekend of Independence Day, the couple enjoyed a family getaway.

In addition to Justin, Randy and Lisa are also parents to sons Jonathan and Stephen Timberlake. Jonathan tried his hand at music video directing and directed the visuals for the LIV single “Poison in the Blood” in 2015. It’s unknown if he still directs music videos, but he indicated in his IG bio that he does real estate with his wife.

Randy’s other son, Stephen, dabbled in singing and released a song in December 2017. However, it appears he also abandoned the music scene.



Randy Timberlake Is Not the Only Father Who Raised Justin Timberlake

Randy’s former partner, Lynn, also found new love with Paul Harless, a banker. Paul accepted Justin as his own and raised him alongside Lynn. The actor honored them both when Father’s Day rolled around in June 2023.

“When I became a dad, I realized what an important role these two incredible humans have played in my life. I’m so very grateful to have not ONE but TWO dads to learn from and lean on. I love you both so much!!” he gushed, alongside a slideshow of precious moments he shared with Paul and Randy.

Like Jonathan and Stephen — also married per his latest posts on IG — Justin (once linked to Alisha Wainwright) has been married to Jessica Biel since 2012. The couple gave Randy two grandchildren, Phineas and Silas Timberlake.


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