West Side Story (1961) (Amazon Rental)

I can’t have a forbidden love list without mentioning West Side Story. In 1950s New York, several Italians (the Jets) and Puerto Ricans (the Sharks) are in opposing gangs who are fighting for territory in the city. However, when Tony, an Italian, and Maria, a Puerto Rican, fall in love during a dance, their relationship is threatened by the high stakes of the two gangs, constantly fighting.

First off, this is a musical and the songs are so catchy you’ll be singing for days. You’ll be dancing to “America” one moment and then crying during “Somewhere” the next. The dancing is also iconic as well, choreographed by the legendary Jerome Robbins. Plus, this is an iconic forbidden love story that has everything you could want. Plus, with West Side Story by Steven Spielberg coming out soon, you might as well watch the original first.

Rent West Side Story on Amazon.

Source: Cinema Blend

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