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‘Selling Sunset’ Cast’s Quotes About Which Scenes Didn’t Make the Final Cut

Selling Sunset is all about the drama, but according to the cast, the context isn’t always fully present on screen.

The Netflix series, which debuted in 2019, revolves around the employees at high-end Los Angeles real estate brokerage the Oppenheim Group. Selling Sunset has covered everything from the cast’s love lives to their office drama but not all the action makes it to the final cut.

Cast member Christine Quinn slammed the editing on multiple occasions before her offscreen exit in 2022. “30 minutes til the launch of #SellingSunset enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines,” she tweeted shortly before season 5 started streaming in April of that year.

At the time, Christine was accused of bribing colleague Emma Hernan‘s clients, and her departure from the show was framed as a possible dismissal from the firm. However, she claimed the drama didn’t play out how it was shown and maintained that she wasn’t fired because she had plans to leave the company.

“I feel like I was the only one that understood the assignment,” she told The New York Times in July 2022 after leaving the Oppenheim Group and starting her own firm with husband Christian Richard. “I was the only one that said, ‘Hey, this is a show, and I’m going to give the world a show.’”

Nicole Young also felt that her side of the story wasn’t depicted properly. Following an onscreen fight with Emma during season 7, Nicole questioned why her apology didn’t air as well.

“I actually did give her a very heartfelt apology at the end of the 10 yr anniversary dinner and reiterated that I wasn’t referring to anything involving her professional endeavors but unfortunately that wasn’t shown,” she claimed via Instagram Story in November 2023.

Scroll on for more Selling Sunset scenes that were filmed before being allegedly cut from the show:

The Timeline of Christine’s Pregnancy

'Selling Sunset' Cast's Quotes About Which Scenes Didn't Make the Final Cut Over the Years
Christine Quinn on ‘Selling Sunset.’ Adam Rose/Netflix

Before season 4 premiered on Netflix in November 2021, Christine welcomed her son Christian. After an episode where she was shown doing yoga, viewers expressed confusion as to how she was able to pull off such complicated moves just days after her child’s arrival.

“[It was] edited wrong. I was pregnant in that scene,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “It’s beyond. I guess people think when I did yoga in the show I was not pregnant? I was pregnant in that scene. It took me 4 months [before] I could work out again.”

Christine’s Shocking Exit

On screen, Christine’s departure was linked to her bribery scandal, which she has said never happened. Jason Oppenheim scheduled a meeting with Christine but she never showed up. According to Christine, the situation didn’t unfold exactly like that; she claims the pair had an offscreen conversation after filming wrapped.

“He just says, you know, ‘I was going off the information that I was given,’” she exclusively told Us Weekly in 2022. “And I said, ‘Well, I wish you would have called me. I wish you would’ve told me, you know, that you were doing this, and I would’ve talked anything through with you and answered any questions for you.’”

Christine called the bribery story line “fake,” claiming she had been planning to leave the show for more than a year. “Of course there’s no place for me. I terminated my contract weeks ago prior to filming. I have my own company now lol,” she said in a TikTok at the time.

Bre Tiesi’s Full Michael B. Jordan Hookup Comments

'Selling Sunset' Cast's Quotes About Which Scenes Didn't Make the Final Cut Over the Years
Courtesy of Netflix; Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

During season 7, Bre was shown briefly discussing how she once hooked up with the actor, who was costar Amanza Smith’s celebrity crush. After the comments blew up online, she clarified that the moment was part of a larger conversation about her relationship with Nick Cannon, with whom she shares son Legendary.

“We were all having girl talk, and we were sitting and resetting the cameras — it wasn’t a conversation that was technically [meant to be filmed],” she told Entertainment Tonight in November 2023. “I know better and that’s my own fault. I know better.”

Bre added: “I was actually having a conversation and I had said that I had had a baby with my celebrity crush, but that didn’t make it.”

Chrishell Stause Hints at Edited Dialogue

'Selling Sunset' Cast's Quotes About Which Scenes Didn't Make the Final Cut Over the Years
Chrishell Stause on ‘Selling Sunset.’ Courtesy of Netflix

In November 2023, Chrishell took to Instagram Story to address comments about how certain topics on the show are seemingly brought up out of nowhere. She said that typically, those jarring segues are an indication that dialogue was altered by the network in order for an episode to cover a wide range of topics. Chrishell hinted she might offer more context behind her onscreen conversations depending on what made it into the season 7 reunion.

Bre’s Confusing Feud With Cassandra Dawn

From the moment Cassandra appeared on season 7 of Selling Sunset, she maintained that she was familiar with Bre.

Bre, however, denied knowing Cassandra outside of social media and questioned her intentions in presenting them as acquaintances. The tension took a turn during the season 7 finale when Bre stormed off after a fight with Cassandra.

“They did not show the whole thing [nor] the big reason why I snapped,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “Let’s just say it was too disgusting to even air.”

Nicole Young’s Apology to Emma

'Selling Sunset' Cast's Quotes About Which Scenes Didn't Make the Final Cut Over the Years
Chrishell Stause, Emma Hernan, Amanza Smith, and Nicole Young on ‘Selling Sunset.’ Courtesy of Netflix

The Selling Sunset agent didn’t regret calling Emma a social climber but she did claim there was missing context.

“At Heather’s baby shower, I was actually having a conversation with Davina,” Nicole explained on the “We Have the Receipts” podcast in November 2023, referring to former costar Davina Potratz. “She was venting to me about how hurt and upset she was by Emma.”

She continued: “She was saying she was really good friends with Emma and they were hanging out all the time, and then Chrishell came along and Emma basically dumped her for Chrishell. And she was legitimately hurt by that.”

Nicole recalled extending a “heartfelt apology” to Emma that “unfortunately” didn’t make the final cut.

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