Time to find a new No. 1? Katie Thurston dealt with a shocking exit during the Monday, August 2, episode of The Bachelorette after she met the respective families of her final three contestants.

Due to the pandemic, Katie did not travel to her suitors’ hometowns but instead met their loved ones in New Mexico. Blake Moynes introduced her to some of his favorite things about Canada during his date but struggled with expressing his feelings. He thought she was The One and wanted to tell her he was in love with her after urging from his family, but he ultimately chose not to.

Meanwhile, Justin’s parents decided not to come for his hometown date because they were skeptical about the process. Instead, his two best friends showed up in support. Katie worried that Justin’s parents not being there meant he wasn’t ready for an engagement. He was guarded with his emotions but finally told Katie he was falling in love with her after some encouragement from his pals.

‘The Bachelorette.’ ABC/Craig Sjodin

Greg and Katie bonded over their late fathers again while he showed her a piece of New Jersey. He raved about her to his family, insisting she was The One and that they would soon be engaged. Greg said he was in love with Katie and seemed confident that she felt the same way. However, he wanted reassurance from her before proposing.

After Greg confessed his feelings again, Katie replied, “I just love looking at you.” He was visibly upset by her reaction and only provoked further when she questioned what was wrong with him. She urged him to hang in there because they were so close to the end and it would all be worth it, adding that she already knew he was getting a rose that week.

While Greg assumed Katie didn’t get how he was feeling in the moment, she tried to explain that meeting the other guys’ families was hard for her when she felt so committed to him already. He told her he couldn’t stay until the end if she wasn’t going to pick him and wondered how she couldn’t be sure yet. She feared that he was losing faith in their relationship and wanted to give up, but he just wanted to know where he stood with her, which he believed she was hiding from him.

The next day, Greg went to Katie’s hotel room to continue their conversation. He accused her of dismissing his declaration of love and noted that she hurt him when she suggested he was giving up on them. He felt it was clear that she was not in love with him. Katie told Greg she only wanted to say “I love you” once everyone else was gone, but he felt a disconnect between them and told her he wanted to leave.

Katie apologized to Greg, but he thought he was not getting an authentic version of her anymore. He was offended when she referred to him as her “No. 1” and told her he wanted something real with her, beyond what the show entailed. He walked out, but she followed him. Katie tried to reassure Greg of their connection, but he had already made up his mind and she felt he didn’t believe anything she was saying. He told her he deserved more than she’d given him and he wasn’t happy anymore, so he left.

Katie worried that coming on the show had been for nothing, remembering that she’d once said she would leave if Greg ever did. She told everyone she wanted to go home because she felt there was no way she could get him back.

The Bachelorette airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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