Elle Getting Uncomfortable With Lee Bonding With A Berkley Guy

When Elle inevitably told Lee she was going to Harvard, the guy was upset but quickly moved on, following one of their sacred best friend rules, “Always be happy for your bestie’s successes.”

However, when Lee decides to go full throttle on this and start hanging out with someone who just finished up his first year at Berkeley, Elle is troubled by this. She feels weird seeing Lee hanging out with some guy rather than her, thinking that it should be her next to him in college, not new friends, and that it was strange to be going down some separate paths.

I’m sorry, but when exactly did this become a problem? This is what she wanted. She wanted Lee to move on and have a life at Berkeley while they could still see each other during holidays or breaks. And, suddenly, when he’s starting to finally warm up to the idea, she’s uncomfortable? That just doesn’t make sense.

Source: Cinema Blend

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