The tragedy surrounding Aaron Carter’s death was heightened when his mother, Jane Carter, shared graphic photos of the death scene on Facebook, claiming she believed her son might have been the victim of foul play. “I’m totally supported by the family and friends who know I had to post the awful photos,” she contended in a separate post. Despite her mother’s claim, Angel Carter proved that was far from the truth. “It was a true invasion of privacy and something that Aaron would’ve never wanted the public to see,” she told People in August.

Angel revealed she even stopped talking to Jane as a consequence. Even though Angel couldn’t help her twin, she’s now committed to helping others. Shortly after Aaron’s death, Angel teamed up with On Our Sleeves, a nonprofit that works to promote children’s mental health. “Despite all this pain, his passing has lit a fire within me,” she captioned a December 2022 Instagram post. Angel’s choice of organization was no happenstance.

From her inability to do much for Aaron, Angel decided efforts needed to start early. She believes the timeframe for productive intervention is short, needing to be carried out when there’s still time to address conditions that might lead to harmful behavior, like addiction. “It’s much easier to raise a strong child than to fix a broken adult,” she told People. “Something positive has to come from all this. I refuse to allow Aaron to have died in vain.”

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