Who Is Michael AKA Mick Harrington? Meet The Voice Australia Contestant On Instagram

Mick Harrington, of age 32 surprises everyone with his melodious voice, children and soon-to-be wife. Here is a full story of The Voice star below

Mick Harrington is an Australian musician known for his audition in The Voice Australia.

Harrington sang the 90s folk/jazz song Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Eva Cassida. The song earned him a major fan base for the future. Fans are predicting him as the winner, the best singer in the show and so on Twitter/

21 seconds into the song and all the judges turned the chair around at the same time. After turning around, all the judges were shocked by his appearance. 

Next, he brought in his to-be wife, Bec and children on the stage. When asked to chose a team, he said there is one bigger decision to make. Then, he proposed to his girlfriend right then and there. Fortunately, she said yes. 

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Mick Harrington Age

Mick Harrington is only 32 years old. Although he looks much older by age, he is a lot younger. 

We are hoping Mick would get married by 35 as he just engaged. Born in Munro, Victoria, he was exposed to 70s folk music at a very young age. He quickly picked up a guitar and started singing.

Mick’s daughter seems to be around the age of 3-5. As a kid, Mick grew up with his elder sider Chantelle Greening. 

Mick Harrington Wikipedia

Mick Harrington although sings like a professional, music is not his full-time job.

He owns and runs a gardening company called Micka’s Mowing and Garden Maintenance. Few times a week, he plays around hotels and cafes as a solo musician. 

In 2016, Mick released a solo album of his. You can sing one of his songs here. If Harrington wins the winning title, he will get to take $100,000 and a recording contract with Universal Studios him

Mick Harrington Wife And Children

As we learned earlier, soon we will get to call Bec Lade the wife of Mick Harrington. It is only a matter of time now.

The couple were in a relationship almost for the past 7 years later. Mick talked about his partner and daughter in his promotional video. His main motive for appearing in The Voice was for a better future with his family.

Mick wrote a poem for one of his daughters titled ‘Bella’. The poem is available on his Instagram.

Meet Mick Harrington on Instagram

Mick Harrington is active on Instagram. Although most of us expect to hear his songs, he does not post on Instagram.

His posts are mostly consumed by his family pictures and a few gardening pictures.

Although you may want to follow him at @mickharringtonmusic for updates on The Voice.

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