'Bluey' Episode Dad Baby is Now Streaming on YouTube

American Bluey fans can finally watch “Dad Baby.”

The episode of the hit Australian animated children’s series wasn’t included on Disney+, but the episode made its way to Bluey‘s official YouTube page on May 1.

In the episode, Bluey’s little sister Bingo finds a baby carrier, which was previously used by their dad Bandit to carry her around. When Bingo gets in, the children pretend Bandit is pregnant. The dad acts out symptoms of pregnancy, from cravings to aches, and gives “birth” to Bingo in an inflatable pool.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in 2023, the series’ creator Joe Brumm noted that while some episodes like “Dad Baby” don’t “get shown in America, he felt that this episode was too special to not make. “What are you going to do, not make ‘Dad Baby’? I love it,” Brumm said.

Disney+ has not confirmed why the episode wasn’t included with the rest of the season 2 episodes on the streaming service, but fans have speculated that this is due to its plotline. THR has reached out to Disney+ for comment about Bluey being added to its official YouTube account.

Bluey currently ranks within the top 10 most-streamed TV shows in the U.S. after it was acquired by Disney, reaching young and adult fans alike. It follows a family of Australian blue heeler cattle dogs, as they navigate everyday life issues, ranging from making new friends to contending with the possibility of moving from their longtime home.

It received its first Emmy award in 2020 and has continued to receive a slew of nominations for various awards throughout its three seasons, including a recent Critics Choice Awards nomination for best animated series.

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