Chloe Fineman Shows Off Dua Lipa Impression

Chloe Fineman gets into the “Dua spirit” with help from Dua Lipa herself in this week’s Saturday Night Live promo.

In the clip, Lipa is preparing for her first time as both host and performer at Studio 8H. Fineman approaches the pop star, showing off her impression of the pop star but butchers the lyrics to Lipa’s hit “Levitating.”

“If you wanna run away with me, we can play hide and seek first. Count to five,” the SNL star sings.

“That’s hilarious,” says Lipa. “Who was it?”

When Fineman tells her it’s meant to be an impression of the singer herself, Lipa offers some constructive criticism: “The lyrics maybe aren’t like 100 percent there. How about the dance moves? Like, maybe you’re just missing some of the dance moves?” But instead of nailing Lipa’s moves, Fineman breaks into tap dancing.

“Maybe it’s the look. Let’s change your look,” suggests the Grammy-winning artist.

With a wine-color wig matching Lipa’s current shade, Fineman successfully transforms. “Perfect. Love it,” says the “Houdini” singer.

“I’m really feeling the Dua spirit,” declares Fineman in an English accent. Now that the SNL cast member is “close enough” to embodying the singer, Lipa hands over the musical guest responsibilities Fineman.

“You’re gonna nail it, kid!,” she tells Fineman. “I’m gonna actually just focus on my sketches. So I thought maybe you could, you know, do the performance for me. I’m gonna go and grab dinner.” She leaves a confused Fineman holding the microphone, offering more words of encouragement as she walks away: “You’re going to be amazing!”

This marks the first time that Lipa will host SNL. She previously performed as the musical guest in 2018 and 2020. Catch her on double duties on Saturday, the day after she releases her new album Radical Optimism.

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