Golden Globes Screeners Go Digital With Indee (Exclusive)

Just a few years ago, nominees for and winners of Golden Globe Awards were determined by fewer than 100 people, all of whom were based in the Los Angeles area. But in the aftermath of the 2023 sale of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the establishment of the Golden Globes organization in its place, there are now some 300 Globes voters based all around the world, which has made it much harder for film and television companies to screen awards-hopefuls for all of them.

Until now.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that on Tuesday, the Globes will be launching an official streaming platform — compatible with all major digital media providers including AppleTV, iOS, Roku and Amazon Fire — through which film and television companies will be able to make their content available directly to Globes voters in their homes.

This model is not unlike the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Academy Screening Room portal, but is being facilitated by Indee, which also facilitates streaming for members of the Producers Guild of America ahead of its PGA Awards.

Indee advertises itself as a highly secure go-between for content providers and awards voters — “with multiple security options for video assets, including forensic and visible watermarking and multi-DRM” — and a much more eco-friendly option than hard-copy screeners.

All uploads will come with a $5000 non-refundable “Golden Globe administrative fee,” which includes one email blast to members. Beyond that, pricing will depend on whether an upload is episodic (up to 60 minutes) or feature-length (61 to 999 minutes), and the level of security desired: no security, with no watermarks ($100 for episodic, $250 for feature-length), medium security, with overlay watermarks ($200 for episodic or $1000 for feature-length) or high security, with forensic watermarks ($350 for episodic or $2000 for feature-length).

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