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Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Oscar Noms, ‘Spider-Man’ Snub: “When Did We Decide the Best Picture Has to Be Serious?”

Jimmy Kimmel explored the recently unveiled Oscar nominations on Tuesday’s late-night episode, offering a segment that rattled through the best picture nominations — both the actual noms and perhaps a few fictional ones — and argued that the biggest snub was the movie everyone is going to see, even Academy voters.

He also examined why Academy Award-recognized movies are so serious, and why that seems to be a pre-requisite.

“The Oscars of course are a chance to honor all the great movies we watched on television,” Kimmel began, alluding to the coronavirus pandemic and movie theater closures that forced audience members to view movies in their living room. He quipped that Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog twelve noms represented “one for every person who saw it.”

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Kimmel then rattled through the best picture nominees, but something wasn’t quite right: “Power of the Dog, West Side Story, Cold Nights Running, Midnight Nocturne, Cable Car 29, Dune, My Name is Ezekiel and Gazebo 953.” The late-night host admitted that half of those names he made up, “but the question is, which half? We’ll never know.”

Kimmel went on to note that there were, as always, some snubs. “I don’t want to snubs, you know,” he said, a throwback to the TLC lyric “I don’t want no scrubs.” Kimmel noted that Lady Gaga was among the snubs for not being nominated for House of Gucci. 

“The biggest snub today in my opinion, and I’m actually even angry about this, I’m kind of embarrassed to say, is the unforgivable omission of Spider-Man: No Way Home,” he said. Incredulous, Kimmel wondered how the film didn’t get one of the ten nominations this year, joking that only eleven films were made. He called the movie “great” and praised it for having appearances from three Spider-Men in it.

“You’re telling me Don’t Look Up was better than Spider-Man? It certainly was not,” he argued. “Even if you go by the critics reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, Don’t Look Up got a 46 [percent], Spider-Man is a 90. For god’s sake, Jackass Forever has an 89!”

Kimmel posed the question: “When did we decide that the best picture has to be serious?” and noted that this wasn’t the goal when feature films started to be made. He listed films with otherworldly stories, like “Frankenstein: a monster powered by lightening, Fantasia: Micky Mouse on an acid trip, The Wizard of Oz: flying monkeys and a witch” — noting that these are Oscar-worthy types of movies.

Eager to learn how the actual nominations came to be, Kimmel hypothesized: “Here’s what happened, the Academy voters, they looked at the list, they saw the names Leo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, they checked that box, and then they put their kids in the car and they went to see the movie Spider-Man. And they loved it. But they didn’t vote for it.”

View the whole segment below.

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Source: Hollywood

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