Martin Lawrence Shoots Down Health Concerns Amid Viral Clip

Martin Lawrence has shot down concerns about his health after a viral clip of the actor from the Bad Boys: Ride or Die premiere in Los Angeles sparked speculation on social media.

In the clip that went viral, Lawrence and Bad Boys 4 co-star Will Smith are atop a bus addressing the crowd during the premiere. Smith is seen to be leading a seemingly unsteady Lawrence over to see the crowd. According to fans on social media, Lawrence also looked noticeably less energetic than Smith.

Lawrence and Smith appeared on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning on Tuesday, and host Ebro Darden directly asked the pair about the internet speculation surrounding Lawrence’s health.

“Now Martin… everybody’s talking [about] you on the balcony waving at people, [you’re] looking around, where you’re looking around? … people took it like something was wrong with your health, or something,” asked Darden.

“I was like, oh, this is rock concert stuff,” Lawrence joked, referring to his surprise at the size of the crowds. “What the hell is going on? [This is] for a movie?”

Darden then asked more directly, “but on that note, Martin, is there anything you want to say to the people because they’re concerned about your health.”

“I’m fine. I’m in God’s hands,” Lawrence said, adding, “I’m blessed. You know, I’m glad to be waking up every day. I’m all good. No need for people to be concerned.”

Later, as the interview was being wrapped up, Lawrence, seemingly addressing the speculators on social media, joked, “I’m healthy as hell. Stop the rumors!”

The 59-year-old Lawrence has faced health challenges in the past. In May 1996, the actor was briefly hospitalized after an incident in Los Angeles where he ran into traffic cursing and screaming. A doctor later said that Lawrence was suffering from extreme exhaustion and dehydration.

In another health emergency in 1999, Lawrence was again hospitalized, and slipped into a three-day coma, after collapsing from severe heat exhaustion while exercising.

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