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Twitch Streamers CrazySlick and Mizkif Are at the Center of Sexual Assault Allegations

Content admonition: This article specifies charges of rape. The show bubbling over on Twitch has quite recently gotten considerably more chaotic. Which began as a conflicting between decorations about whether or not Twitch ought to boycott betting content (following ItsSliker confessing to getting great many dollars to take care of his dependence) has since transformed into different claims approaching. At the focal point of these new charges are claims that Twitch decoration CrazySlick attacked one more decoration — and Mizkif assisted with concealing it.

CrazySlick was blamed for physically attacking another decoration. In light of a tweet from decoration Asmongold inquiring as to why Sliker wasn’t yet prohibited from Twitch following his admission, Trainwreck shot charges of his own, guaranteeing Mizkif had helped conceal claims of rape.

“Since your buddies concluded it was to their greatest advantage to utilize and stage the very individual that misled everybody for his horse racing and tennis wagers to some way or another turn it and bet their conflict against me, and we both know where it counts why the shaky little man is doing this,” he composed.

“Are you going to send Maya and Mitch to railroad and coerce me as you did those young ladies to conceal that large number of rapes?” the string proceeded, with a since-erased tweet in the center. “… You need to come at me and make s- – t up, then you should be certain you don’t reside in a glass house, you uncertain p- – – y.”

From here, the show kept on unfurling as the charges became visible claiming that CrazySlick had physically attacked a female decoration.

While the supposed casualty was simply alluded to as “A,” decoration AdrianahLee later approached conceding that “A” was her and shared her side of the story.

In a TwitLonger posted in 2021, she conceded that the occasions occurred while she was “passed out” at a party in mid 2020. CrazySlick purportedly followed her and her companions around “attempting to kiss me, attempting to kiss her, and at one point I was informed that he and I wound up kissing.”

“Evidently I was dropped in one of the rooms at the party and he came into the room while I was oblivious. He came into the room two or multiple times in the wake of being approached to let me be each time, in two of those examples he contacted my neck and chest saying he was: ‘simply ensuring I was alive’ subsequent to being guaranteed by my companions that I was alright as they were looking after me,” she proceeded. “Whether his aims were out of authentic concern or not, I don’t have the foggiest idea.

All things considered: He didn’t assault me or attack me, yet his activities Made me self-conscious.” Mizkif purportedly assisted CrazySlick with covering the charges against him. However CrazySlick is at the focal point of these claims, Mizkif and his ex, Maya, purportedly assisted with concealing the allegations against their companion.

“Allow me to be considerably more clear, Mizkif didn’t attack the ladies, he arranged the concealments for his companions, precisely the way in which my Tweet peruses,” Trainwreck followed up in another tweet. Some Redditors have likewise posted clasps of Mizkif supposedly discussing the example, minimizing it during a livestream.

“It’s lewd behavior, whatever, for a low scope,” he said in the clasp that is circling. “It’s not exactly a major ordeal. I don’t think individuals truly gave a s- – t or truly minded.”

Since the first TwitLonger AdrianahLee posted, she’s since asserted that the couple “asked her” to conceal additional harming insights regarding the episode, and decoration IcePoseidon posted screen captures of DMs from Mizkif with bigot and homophobic language.

Right now, Mizkif has not answered the claims against him — he has just affirmed that CrazySlick is currently “missing,” and is requesting individuals to look out for any word about him.

In the event that you really want support, call the Public Rape Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or visit to talk online one-on-one with a help expert whenever.

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