Who Is Juli Hernandez? Everything About The Cast Of The ABC Show The Ultimate Surfer

Juli Hernandez is an American surfer who appeared in the ABC show The Ultimate Surfer. Learn more about her from the article below.

Juli Hernandez is a phenomenal surfer who is inspiring all the young womens out there who are eager to sink their toes in the ocean waves.

Recently, she came into sight in The Ultimate Surfer and Bachelor in Paradise premiere party. 

At the party, Juli and the cast were able to watch the first episode of The Ultimate Surfer. 

Right now, the fans are excited to watch Juli Hernandez in action at the ABC program. 

Juli Hernandez Age

Juli Hernandez is presently just 22 years of age. Julie began surfing and skating at the tender age of seven.

In the times when boys were the ones dominating the sport, Juli did not lose hope and chased her ambition fearlessly. 

And soon, she was able to gain loads of admiration from her friends and family. With her ceaseless hard work and dedication,

At the moment, Juli is one of the biggest names in girls surfing and skating in the USA.   

Juli Hernandez Height

Juli Hernandez is estimated to be around 165-175 cm in height.   

Although Juli has an average height, her performance with the board is exceptional. 

Her lightweight and athletic body make her one of the most competitive girls in the sport.

She is a fearless human being who does not fear panic to get involved in any dangerous adventures.

Ultimate Surfer: Juli Hernandez Wikipedia Explored

Currently, Juli Hernandez of Ultimate Surfer does not have a Wikipedia page. However, here are some highlights of her life and profession. 

Hernandez was born and raised in Costa Mesa, a city in Orange County, California. Her ethnicity is half Cuban and half Costa Rican. 

From a young age, Juli loved boardsports. She started competing on the junior circuits and dominated the scene. 

But soon she noticed that there wasn’t enough participation from girls in the sport.

So at the age of 17, Julie started a camp named Camp Grommette. The main motto of the boot camp was to train the girls for board sports.

Since then, the surfer has devoted her life to her passion for surfing, skateboarding, and skiing.

Net Worth of Juli Hernandez

The net worth of Juli Hernandez is said to be approximately $100,000-$350,000.

Juli works as a California state parks lifeguard and earns around 30k-50k a year.

Now she is also working in a reality show. So her income must be on the rise. 

Talking about her lifestyle, Juli lives a simple but adventurous life.  

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