When Vivo Envisioned Andres Dancing With Marta Once More

Let me tell you, I sobbed during this part in Vivo. I’m usually not a big crier during films, but this moment had me crying – in a good way, which is why it’s extremely heartwarming. When Marta is singing Andres’ song for her, Vivo begins to envision Marta and Andres together again, and then when Marta gets up to dance and they hold hands, they both turn young.

It’s not only a great call-back to “Mambo Cabana,” but also shows the character development of Vivo. At first, he wanted Andres all for himself, but now, he sees the joy that love like this could bring to someone’s life, and wishes that one day, maybe Andres and Marta could dance together again just like they were when they were young. It’s as if Andres is on the stage there with her, and that’s all that Vivo truly wanted. It’s a heartwarming conclusion to a wonderful movie, and the best way to close out his story.

Source: Cinema Blend

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