Who Is Kim Yealimi And Brian Yealimi? Meet The Father And Mother Of American Professional Golfer Yealimi Noh

Kim Yealimi And Brian Yealimi are the parents of famous Professional golfer Yealimi Noh. Learn more about the father and mother of the American golfer.

Kim Yealimi and Brian Yealimi’s daughter is making them proud after their girl climbed the top ranks of amateur golf.

In addition to that, Yealimi Noh has already got her hands on the Junior PGA and the US girls Junior awards.

Moreover, Yealimi established herself as a full LPGA member and also became the LPGA rookie in 2020. 

Amid that, fans are curious to know about the personal life of the rookie golfer. 

Who Are Yealimi Noh Parents?

Kim Yealimi and Brian Yealimi are the parents of Yealimi Noh.

Both Kim and Brian are immigrants from South Korea who moved to the USA for a better future.

So far, there is not enough information about the parents of the young golfer.

However, according to various sources, It is believed that Kim and Brian always supported their daughter’s love for the sport.

Kim and Brian kept their daughter’s passion on top of their list and always motivated her. 

They did not let her daughter down and provided her with the best training facilities available.

Yealimi Noh Mother: Kim Yealimi

The mother of Yealimi Noh, whose name is, Kim Yealimi is unknown to the outside world.

Yealimi has not posted anything about her mother on any social media platforms. 

But it is safe to say that she gets her beauty and confidence from her mother.

Noh is a very calm and confident person. She can absorb an immense amount of pressure on and off the field.

Noh’s personality concomitantly depicts the picture of her mom Kim.

Only a strong and positive woman like Kim can raise a champion like Yealimi Noh.

Yealimi Noh Father: Brian Yealimi

Brian Yealimi, the father of Yealimi, has not revealed himself to the public.

Ever his daughter has not posted any photographs of herself with her father, Brian.

Maybe the Yealimi family wishes to keep their things private. 

But we do know that Brian comes from a middle-class family in South Korea. 

He and his wife Kim shifted to San Francisco, California for, a desirable future.

On 26th July 2001, Kim gave birth to Noh, and since then, the bond between the father and daughter has remained inseparable.

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